Getting committed to someone for your whole life is something really interesting and joyous. Like wedding, engagement is also one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. When your loved one put the ring in your finger, everything you enjoyed together begins replaying in your head.

Engagement ring is an inseparable part of an engagement. When it comes to statement engagement rings, from traditional to modern there is a variety of style options to go for. Here in this post you will find some super awesome engagement ring designs you may want to get on your big day!

Vintage Ring

This is arguably the most accepted engagement ring design among the tradition lovers. Intricacy with elegance are the main features of the vintage rings. However, the trend of these rings has almost ends with the development of new, more up-to-date designs and one can rarely find someone sporting vintage engagement ring.

Unique Shape

If you don’t want run-of-the-mill round or cut shaped diamond rings then this idea will surely inspire you. To make the most pf this idea you need to be daring enough to think beyond tradition and opt for a unique shape. Think about a hexagonal or an emerald ring and experience the joy of being unique.

Roman Numeral Ring

Featuring your anniversary in Roman numerals, this brand new design is perfect for the style conscious gals. Since it is more like a wedding ring, you may want to add the day you begin dating instead of your engagement or wedding date.

Stone Ring

With the rapid growth of rustic wedding trend, the stone engagement rings are more in the mainstream. If you love stone and the idea inspire you, simply browse Esty and you will find innumerable enchanting idea that will take your breath away for a while!!!


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