Awesome Christmas Nail Art Ideas 2015


Christmas isn’t far away; everyone is busy in the hunt of stylish attire, matching footwear and attractive jewellery. Have you completed your preparations for the Christmas party? If yes; then it is the time to choose the nail art design to embellish your nails.

Adorning the nails with unique and awesome nail art designs is the greatest way to add fun and glamor to the Christmas apparel. Well-manicured and beautifully painted nails illustrate your artistic abilities and give you standout appearance in the fun luncheons and get together parties. Check out these Christmas Nail Art Ideas to inspire your friends this year.


11. Awesome Snowman Nail Art Design

Snowman nail art design is a traditional Christmas nail design that comes every with little variation. The above given illustrates a unique idea to innovate the typical design. The snowman is painted onto the index finger while the other fingernails are adorned with diverse designs. Among the candy cane and quilted pattern, the snowman looks very prominent. Red, black and white nail polishes are used to create the whole design. Painting this design could be quite difficult, but you can make it through little patience and practice.



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