In 1973 when constitution was passed, the only people who voted for the constitution were big landlords, feudal, and some religious leaders having no representation of common man. Since the framers of the constitution mainly belonged to a particular land owner class, they created the constitution and through it ‘democracy’ for wealthy people.

The ruling class propagate that the constitution was written to protect the interests of all the people of Pakistan. Though some human rights clauses have been included in the constitution, without clear assurance of their implementation, it is hard to believe that it is a document created for the good of the people at large and not for the good of social elite alone. It was in fact a document created by the elite to benefit their own personal interests. The elite created this constitution that allows the elite stay in power. Today the system of government is tainted by those with money and power and elite have completely established its control over the government.

We are being governed not by the constitution but by the elite group. The elite, our worse enemy, is attacking our way of life. Elite are getting richer and the poor poorer. Who are the elites concerned about? It’s their money and their property? Is it their self earned money? Whether it is their country? Are they Pakistani people? Do their children fight for this country? Is the wealth grabbed by them is in Pakistan?

Who controls our Parliament? Who controls the Pakistani government? Do we have good and honest people in the Parliament and the government? Is our government being run by the elite centered constitution or by the elite group?

Millions of hardworking Pakistanis are sitting at the brink of economic collapse orchestrated by the financial mechanizations of the very small elite class. They preach belt tightening to the people of Pakistan and need for sacrifices by the citizens, promising that these strategies would make their life better. Yet while we struggle to put two times meal on the table the elite enjoys multi million dollars vacations and expensive state dinners.

The level of civilization in our elite is far lower than the level of functions actually outlined in the constitution for the government and the state. The political elite in Pakistan unfortunately did not and do not have any respect even for their own created constitution.

Let us revisit and revise the constitution with the exclusive agenda being to maximize the genuine democracy meaning redesigning institutions mechanisms.

In Pakistan it has become fashionable for social elite to amend this already hopelessly outdated document further in their favor.

I believe the things are likely to go to change drastically; everybody knows that small elite is getting rich at the expense of rest of us by manipulating the constitutional provisions, which is now fueling a backlash. It is high time we should accept the constant degradation of life in Pakistan as we know it well. Unless every single politician in the Parliament is recalled and the founding principles outlined in the constitution, we are likely to slide into a calamity unlike anything we have seen before in the country.

Making a fresh constitution for Pakistan entailing the active participation of all sections of the Pakistani people is urgent need of today for building national reconciliation, democracy, development, and peace, where values of the rule of law exists and human rights prevail, and where all the citizens coexist peacefully without any sort of discrimination.


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