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Democracy for Whom?


I consider the democracy best form of government when it is open and transparent, there is no corruption and public funds are used honestly and prudently, When education and health facilities are for all, when justice is provided to the people without any discrimination, when the people participate in decision making, when everything is done on merit, when vote is not rigged, and the system is run by the best people living in the country. Unfortunately, Pakistan is a country where injustice and inequality can be seen in abundance, a different justice system exists for the rich and influential and another one for the poor and destitute, literacy is extremely low, corruption is rampant, it’s ‘democracy’ is run by the worst of its people and the people are facing a lot of problems. The concept of the welfare state has been ended, desires of the citizens are curbed to fulfill the interests of the elite, rigging, corruption and coercion are part and parcel of our electoral process, and the capitalistic approach has made the rich richer and poor poorer, making the poor extremely difficult to survive.

During so-called democracy, more than half of the population has reached a point where people are now not been able to get even fundamental needs of life. Everything has been snatched from them by ‘Pakistani democrats’. Extreme poverty, domination, and insecurity are the newly born problem created by this system. The standard of politics is lowering day by day, and there is a great hatred The influential families have dominated whole the political system and related families, clans, gangsters, and criminals claim to be custodians of democracy; politics is deemed dirty game by law-abiding and educated people. Democracy has proven to be sweet fruit for ruling elite rather than people of Pakistan.

In the prevailing conditions of the country, I don’t think democracy is the best option for Pakistan where people are striving for hand to mouth when most of the income resources are in the hands of few elite people. For poor and lower middle-class people, democracy is something like building castle in the air or, more appropriately, a horrible dream. Democracy can serve the people of Pakistan only when it exists in its true form. Otherwise, dictatorship is far better than fake democracy. During the last nine years of military regime, Pakistan despite the terrorist’s attacks was most stable economically and in terms of security. The things in a so called democracy are now worse than ever economically, politically and socially. For democracy to serve; to succeed; to grow it has certain pre-requisites, non-existent in Pakistan. The emergence of new faces in our politics has always been suppressed by the sitting ruling elite, and they have transferred their crowns to their next generation. The same families are ruling us generation by generation.

West and the US, to gain their vested interests, appoint puppets to run the governments in Pakistan. They give dictation to these puppet leaders, and thus, governments work against the desires of people. In spite of a transition to democracy in Pakistan, its people’s hearts and minds have yet to capture the true democratic spirit. Democracy is possible in Pakistan only if the organs of the state work according to their assigned job, if we do not accept dictation from the US and the west, if human rights and will of people are given importance, if the rule of law prevails, if freedom of media is guaranteed, if the concept of welfare state is practiced, and most importantly if personalization of politics and dictatorial rules are controlled.

It is really wondering that in the present times when technology has reached a so advanced level, Pakistan has yet to see the true democracy where every citizen does get his say and a fair share of the outcome of democracy. By virtue, the people of Pakistan have never been empowered. We simply use the label of democracy but it is totally operated by the civilian dictators to serve their own interest, and that’s why democracy is always blamed that it does not deliver well and give the desired results. The Ministers, Members of Parliament, and blue eyed bureaucrats are left at absolute liberty to plunder the national resources mercilessly as nobody can object on them. To be very honest a system is perfectly valid so long as the common man’s life is in good shape. It is a hard fact that the military rulers promised people prosperous and happy lives and all of them remained very successful. Conversely, just think of the so-called ‘democrat’ politicians, all of them are protecting ‘democracy’? Very shamefully they are protecting each other just to hide their loot and plunder and their incapability to govern the country. It doesn’t matter who rules; Military rule or any other system including democracy is fine as long as the people are not suffering and are living well.