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Education in Pakistan


Situation of education is stern in Pakistan. The system of education is old and just focused on book work there is actually no practical to make the students understand better. it is needed to be reformed immediately or we will destroy the future of our children.

According to a recent survey by the United Nations, Pakistan ranks 119th out of 127 national education systems with a literacy rate of 56% percent. There are around 7 million children out of school, which means that one out of every ‘ten out-of-school’ children in the world belongs to Pakistan.

There is a huge unmet need of quality education especially for the people with low-income who cannot afford the education. To our shame the government schools in Pakistan are not providing standard education, the teachers are not well qualified and most of them come from the process of intercede, unfortunately getting a job on your abilities is out dated in Pakistan, almost more than a half of government schools are Urdu medium when surprisingly the official language of the country is English.

This is the age of technology and race where lagging behind means dropping out of the game,  parents are helpless in this case and because they want best for their children they turn to English medium private schools, In an overall environment of doom and gloom in Pakistan, one business sector that has flourished is private education. although the education has became significant

In the last 20 years but the main growth has been in the primary and secondary sections that is the reason of private schools  increasing every month  the dilemma is that these schools are even not established to give quality education but to earn as many money as they can. how can a ordinary person with a salary of 20,000 afford a 5000 fee of single child. the situation becomes even more horrific if you have 3 or 4 children.

The government does not bats an eye on the issue but is busy in building flyovers metro bus paved roads and underpasses when education is more important in a third world country like ours. consequently there has to be developed a freshly upgraded curriculum and improved methodology of teaching to make it presentable internationally and to cop up with that we need to adopt international methods. This can happen if the schools in Pakistan both public and private become actual leaders and raise their worth of education on the international platforms. Another obstacle in between a student and education is poverty.

There are so many children involved in work what we called child labor, they cannot even afford public schools, I’ve seen many graduate students who made hoe schools and are teaching voluntarily by giving children money, the concept is of course inspired by singer Shehzad Roy. It really saddens me that government is not even interested in looking into the matter of education when these children are our future asset how can we think of doing it to their future a child cannot be left illiterate and pick up litter just because of poverty. Government is fully responsible for offering quality education fairly to its citizens.

Written By:

Noorulain Tanveer