Being a fashion conscious girl isn’t really an easy job, especially when your belongings aren’t ready to cooperate with you when you are short on time already. That’s the time when having some quick fashion fixes up sleeves may prove a real life-saver. Here are a few fashion hacks every girl should know to tackle fashion disasters; check out!

Don’t let your favorite piece of jewelry wreak havoc on your pretty fingers anymore! Simply get the inner side of your ring coated with a clear nail polish. It will act as a protective layer keeping the jewelry from staining your nails.

Underarm sweat and deodorant stains are among the most stubborn stains that leave garment look faded and worn out. However, taking these pesky stains out is a piece of cake with lime. Simply rub a lemon juice-water potion over the stained area and then wash as regular.

So do you want your favorite scent to smell good for long? Simply keep it in refrigerator or apply a bit of moisturizer before applying the perfume.

If you accidently get your suede, shoes wet, stuff them with newspaper and wrap them in newspaper too. Not only it will assist them to dry out faster but also retain their shape as well.

Glitter may prove your best friend if get the heel of your favorite pair of shoes damaged. Simply get the shredded area coated with glitter and get a new, two-tone pair of shoes right away.

Take grease and edible oil out of your fashion attire with baby powder. Just sprinkle adequate amount of powder over the stained area; it will suck the stain. Wash the dress as regular afterwards.

Never tug the stuck zipper of your much-desired handbag or you will break it. Try to ease it with coconut oil instead. That will really do the trick!!!


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