Dr Zakir Naik

The India government has decided to launch a probe into the speeches of Dr. Zakir Naik, the famous Islamic scholar and founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation, in the wake of last week’s terrorists attack on a cafe in Dhaka.

At least 23 people, most of them fingers, were killed and several others injured when five terrorists launched a brazen assault on a cafe in a diplomatic area of Dhaka last Friday.

Bangladesh had asked India to examine Naik’s speeches following the reports that one of the terrorists involved in the attack was inspired by him.

Speaking to media on Thursday,  Indian Minister of Union Information and Broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu termed Naik’s speeches as “objectionable” and said the ministry of home affairs would take appropriate action against the preacher after the investigation.

“His speeches, as being reported in the media, are highly objectionable. The  Home Ministry will look into it and take action,” said Naidu.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra government has also ordered Mumbai Police to conduct a probe into Naik’s speeches.

Naik, however, has condemned the Dhaka cafe attack and denied the allegations against him.

“I disagree that I inspired this act of killing innocent people,” the preacher, who is currently in Saudi Arabia, said in a video message issued on social media.

“More than 90 per cent Bangladeshis know me, more than 50 per cent are my fans. Every fan of mine may not follow everything I say.”


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