All the sovereignty of this kingdom rests only in Allah Almighty Who is Creator, Sustainer and Master of the universe and all that exists in it. Who exclusively holds its ownership and alone has the right to command. He is the only lord of Heaven and Earth. All Worship and obedience are due to Him. Everything that exists in this universe is the bountiful provisions of God. According to Islam He is the Ruler of the affairs of mankind. Allah alone is the sovereign and his directions are the law of Islam, called Sharia, which provide us guidance in every sphere of life. Islam is a complete system of life. Religion and politics is one and the same thing in Islam. Islamic law has great influence in the legal code in Pakistan also. Though we are not governed according to the God given divine law yet our constitution is said to be an Islamic Constitution. Amongst other responsibilities and duties, the basic function of an Islamic State is to provide security and order so that the citizens could carry out both their religious and worldly duties freely, which our governments are not able to provide. And, perhaps, it is not possible unless religious is not fully implemented into state and society.

It is undeniable truth that we have deviated ourselves from teachings of Islam and those of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him); at times we rejected it in practical terms, sometimes we have grossly misused and abused it. We were told to be a Muslim Brotherhood but we are fighting ‘Jihad’ against our fellow Muslims. We are helping enemies of Islam by oppressing our Muslims Brothers. We do not care for justice and fairness which is enjoined by Islam in administration of our laws; we are punishing the victims instead taking into task the criminals. It is our duty to work for Islamic Government. The thievery and tyranny by the ruling elite should be condemned and the common man should be awakened and made to understand the thievery imposed on them by the ruling elite was wrong.

Governance in Pakistan has been characterized by several evils mainly due to distance from Islamic teachings. The state institutions have been deliberately weakened now unable and unwilling to enforce the laws policies uniformly. The ruling elite has awarded exemptions from law enforcement to its nears and dears who are reaping high financial benefits further weakening the state. They have forgotten the teachings of Islam in governance; in State of Medina, Islam was a practical way of life attempting to resolve everyday problems. Common man being deeply dissatisfied and completely disappointed, due to lack of essential services and unprecedented corruption of the ruling elite, has become disconnected and alienated from the Government.

We are today frustrated with our governments. To meet the future challenges we want quick fixes; not next day, next year, next decade or next century. First of all we ought to go back to the true teachings of Holy Qur’an and Hadith. Then we need highly professional and skilled defense forces, civil service and Police having right spirit and proper sense of duty to the nation. A system of monitoring performance needs to be evolved in addition to reforming rules, regulations, and devising proper reward and punishment system. We must not forget ever what is happening around us. We should strengthen our true Islamic moral strength. We should have the awareness as to what is bad which will weaken and destroy us and what would give us strength and success.


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