The Premier League is by far the most popular league in the world, reaching an estimated 643 million homes, and with a potential TV audience of about 4.7 billion people (as perĀ Wikipedia).

With such an immense appeal to a global audience, it is no surprise that it is the most diversified league in the world.

Not only do players go to England to market themselves to a larger pool of viewers, but it also happens to be the richest football league in the world, so the average income is much higher than every other league in the world.

It is now a regular occurrence to see a player switch from a top team somewhere in Europe to a mid-table club in England. The financial clout around the world cannot be underestimated.

This article examines the diversity of the top clubs in England. Which teams have the most global representation within its squad, and which teams have the least?

Watford (23).

The team with the largest assortment of international players in the Premier League is Watford, with a staggering 23 countries represented in their first team squad.

Watford have players from Brazil to Lithuania to Algeria to Greece. This assembly of players come from various continents, with Africa, South America, Europe and Australia represented.

Liverpool (18).

Being one of the traditional big teams in the league, Liverpool ranks 1st with eighteen different nationalities present in their first team squad.

Gone are the days when Liverpool was stock full of British players. These days Jurgen Klopp scouts far and wide to improve the team. Three of their summer signings have come from Germany, Estonia and Serbia.

Leicester City (17).

Fairytale league winners Leicester City rank 3rd on the list of most diversified squads in the top flight, with players from 17 different nationalities registering.

From the Jamaican Captain Wes Morgan to Algerian maverick Riyad Mahrez, to Nigerian speedster Ahmed Musa, the defending champions dressing room is very rich in culture.

Hull City (11).

Newly promoted Hull City currently have one of the least diversified teams in the division, with representatives from just eleven countries.

The team has representatives from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Uruguay, Switzerland, Senegal, Norway, Egypt, Slovakia and Antigua.

Everton (11)

The Blue half of Merseyside is surprisingly on the lower rungs when it comes to international representation, with only eleven countries in the first team squad.

England alone accounts for 14 of their first team players, but they have representation from the likes of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Senegal.

West Bromwich Albion (10).

The team with the least squad diversification currently in the top flight are the Midlands club West Brom, who have just 10 different nationalities present in their squad.

England, as expected, have the most players in the squad, but they have South American flavour present in their squad, with Venezuela represented.


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