The Tottenham saga proved to be one of the most intriguing subplots in the Premier League this season, but despite Spurs’ unexpected rise, their supporters and players will surely feel like they could have made this season one to remember for ages by pushing a little more towards the Premier League title.

The fact of the matter remains that Spurs’ accomplishments this season have been overshadowed by their inability to thwart Leicester’s title chase with the North London outfit being the only team within touching distance to stop the Foxes from securing the crown.

Leicester survived all the pressure from Mauricio Pochettino’s side who were in hot pursuit and were deservedly crowned Premier League champions when they drew against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge earlier this month.

Despite Tottenham’s failure in the title race, there are a lot of positives that Pochettino can build on ahead of the next season. Judging by the utterly unpredictable outcome that has been witnessed this term, every team in the big boys category will be looking to get back to the top once things kick-off in August.

Instead of Spurs sulking and dwelling on their misfortunes, they should start looking ahead to the future of the club as the current group of players have shown that they have what it takes to operate at the top level of English football.

Going into the current season, Tottenham’s main ambition was to try and finish among the top four in the domestic league, but they’ve evidently outdone themselves concerning their season expectations even though they failed to grab the silverware.

After finishing so close to the prestigious Premier League trophy, the North Londoners would be dreaming to get their hands on it next season and here are couple of reasons for them to remain upbeat

The young and able squad

The immense proficiency present in Spurs’ squad is astonishing considering how young the players are. It’s somewhat hard to fathom the heights that they’ve managed to attain this season against all odds. 

Dele Alli has been particularly impressive for Spurs this season with the young midfielder showing the Premier League a glimpse of what he can offer for the next couple of seasons. The likes of Ryan Mason and Eric Dier have also managed to wow the crowd on some occasions along with a couple of other young players.

There’s no doubt that every Spurs fan will be pleased to know that Harry Kane isn’t a one-season wonder as he’s replicated the form that saw him being compared to the likes of Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer last season.

Kane started the season on a goal drought, but he’s quickly moved on from that to become Tottenham’s main attacking outlet for the second season in a row.

With this current group of players, Tottenham will be able to launch a viable title challenge next season.

The start of something new 

While many may think that Tottenham failed this season, the reality is that Pochettino has just laid the foundation of a new era at White Hart Lane. These are certainly exciting times for Spurs and they’ll be looking to feed off the momentum they’ve gathered ahead of the next season.

Leicester’s title glory is undoubtedly a remarkable one, but they may struggle to keep up with the pace of the league next season. A lot of things could also happen to Leicester’s title winning squad before the start of the next season as the bigger clubs may come in for Leicester’s key players in the summer, taking the Foxes back to square one.

Tottenham, on the other hand, is evidently a close-knit bunch of young players with the will and desire to succeed in the Premier League. And while the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City will come back stronger next season, Spurs will be able to better their league position if they make adequate preparations for the next campaign.

Surrounded by many uncertainties at this stage, we can be sure of one thing; we’re in for a very competitive season once the Premier League resumes in August.


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