Jehlum – Two female students were expelled from their college after they were found to have been playing Blue Whale Challenge, a suicide game that has claimed more than 200 lives across the world.

The two girls were the students of the first year and second year at Government Degree College Pind Dadan Khan in Jehlum. One of them had reportedly reached level 18 of the game while the other was on level 22.

The two girls had reportedly made carvings on their arms with a blade. A third student discovered that they had been playing Blue Whale and informed the collage administration.

Raheela Chandni, the college principal, called their parents and told them about the situation.

“We expelled the girls after they admitted that they inflicted injuries on their arms while playing the dangerous game. We also asked their parents to keep a check on their daughters,” Ms Chandni told media.

She further said that the decision to expel the two girls was taken to prevent other students from the game.

What is Blue Whale Challenge?

It is an online game which encourages its players to perform acts of self-harm and incites them to commit suicide.

The game has a curator who gives tasks to the player over a 50-day period. The initial tasks of the game are harmless, such as drawing a blue whale on paper, watching horror movies in the night and spending the entire day without talking to anyone.

However, as the players reach higher levels, they are encouraged to harm themselves, such as by craving a blue whale on arms with a sharp-edged tool, poking their hands with needles, or taking a heavy dose of drugs.

The players are required to send photographic or video proof of the completed tasks to the curator.

While 49 tasks of the game may vary depending on the curator, the 50th and final task is always same – to commit suicide, most often by jumping from a high building.


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