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Well Done Raheel Sharif


PML-N government is showering all the state resources on its cronies in every possible way, whether it is through tax exemptions, ruthless loot and plunder in privatization or rewarding loyalty in the form of lucrative appointments and all other legal or illegal ways. During 8 months i.e. July 2013 to February 2014 the government waived in tax exemptions worth of Rs.320.8 billions to business class. The government totally lacks economic vision in spite of all of false and baseless pledges of its being economic experts. Its expertise starts from selling off national assets for pennies and ends on getting new heavy loans.

Privatization Commission is composed of PML (N) workers, cronies and loyalists who are serving their masters according to their desires. The country is being sold off on smallest token price or even without any price in the name of so called “privatization”. The cronies, friends, and relatives are enjoying their closeness with Nawaz family. The mass scale distribution of favors and concessions coupled by reciprocal favors, and bribes etc. has triggered various corruptions and, inter alia, dependence on crime and criminals have become inevitable. Loot and plunder is the only objective of the ruler class. The teeming millions and millions Pakistanis are awfully poor and growing poorer while the microscopic minority is prospering rapidly.

Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar had acknowledged that Pakistanis are amongst the largest depositors of illegal money in Swiss Banks. With an estimated $200 billion, most of the money extorted out of the sweat, blood and tears of the 200 million poor Pakistanis belonged to politicians, bureaucrats, and tax evaders. In spite of clear acknowledgement by Finance Minister, no action was taken to bring back that huge money. The drain of scarce national resources to foreign coffers bleeds the country in diverse ways. In a country like Pakistan where more than 100 million people are living below poverty lines, it deprives the country of resources required for uplift of their survival status. Neglected areas like health, education, power, gas, roads and housing could be addressed by utilization of these funds.

Heavy expenses are being incurred in providing injudiciously security to public and private persons including the vampires and demons who in the opinion of our political leaders or VIPs plundering the country while enjoying full protection. On the other hand, instead of providing security to the people, shedding blood of innocent people has become one of the other expertise of the sitting government.

Capitalism in Pakistan introduced by the rulers for their personal gains has backfired and proved to be absolutely incapable as a system. Corruption, cruelty, callousness and a complete disregard of public welfare has flourished. The rich are still getting richer and richer, and poor are getting further poorer day by day. Wealth inequality has soared to record level and tens of millions of people have reached at starvation point. The story of this inequality is the story of capitalism in Pakistan. The masses are angry with this cruel government due to its anti-poor policies.

Almost all the political parties had their hands dripping with the blood of innocent people of Pakistan who martyred mainly during the last seven years. They remained working on a well devised plan to systematically weakening and devastating the state institutions from within as per their commitments with their exterior masters. Like always, the Armed Forces are once again putting in their hectic efforts to hail all the devastated state institutions. Starting campaign against grabbing assets of the state and then financing terrorists for undue political gains has disturbed the sleep of the rulers.

The top leaders playing with emotions of the people of Pakistan for decades are now facing the heat and are all strongly linked with each other internally to weaken the campaign against terror financing and resultantly weakening Pakistan. Like Zardari, who left Pakistan after giving hard-hitting remarks against the establishment to terrorize the Pak Army and Rangers to refrain them from taking action against his loot and ruthless plunder of state assets, the sitting rulers are also expected fled the Pakistan leaving behind poverty, hunger, and a foreign debt around $ 67 billion in addition to almost the same internal debt taken from local banks.

Armed Forces of Pakistan have full capacity to unearth the nexus between terror and politics in Pakistan and continuing their efforts very successfully. Angry with the political leadership, the people feel happy with the current military leadership and waiting for the corrupt politicians to be taken for ruthless accountability and exemplary punishment should be awarded to those involved in plundering national assets and then hatching conspiracies against the people of Pakistan by financing cruel terrorists. Open market drama being failed worldwide should now be reversed and all the privatization done after 1988 needs to be reviewed. The government should be stressed to bring back the looted national money from Swiss Banks in addition to depositing back in the national exchequer the amounts plundered by them currently before they leave the country.