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Yayvo Black Friday Pakistan ‘Hazir’ Hai – Fastest Shopping Experience

Yayvo launches 120 minute delivery for the first time ever in Pakistan


The magnanimous splendour of Black Friday is quickly becoming the most talked about event in Pakistan this November with Yayvo showing the benefits of online shopping in the country. Yayvo has taken the lead role with the Black Friday event and has been the first to launch its excellent Black Friday deals in the country. It seems that Yayvo is continuing its streak of introducing new and original deals and discounts with the new Hazir 120 minute delivery service exclusively for Black Friday.

Blazing Black Friday Hazir Delivery

With a vast array of amazing items and products that are being displayed on Black Friday, the Hazir delivery service is also open for special products. Get the desired item available on the Black Friday deal with an amazing discount rate thanks to Jazz Cash. ON top of that, get the TCS sponsored Hazir delivery service that will ensure that the ordered product is handed to you in no more than 120 minutes Absolutely Free!! TCS and Yayvo have deployed this incredible service for the first time for Black Friday which is something fresh and original that is not being offered anywhere related to Black Friday event in Pakistan except at Yayvo.com.

Yayvo Black Friday & Hazir – Fastest Shopping Experience

Never before has such an event been witnessed as providing a 120-minute delivery service to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Explore the exceptional deals on gadgets and smartphones and if you are in one of these cities, order them now and be amazed as they reach your doorstep under two hours. Black Friday has gone live and thanks to Hazir, it has gone to a blazing start!