1st Pakistani Ecommerce to Upgrade to Magento 2.1

Magento 2.1

Jambo.pk has moved onto the all new Magento 2.1. Pakistan’s largest online shopping store was previously hosted at Magento 1.9 but is now making great vibes after it migrated onto the all new and attractive Magento 2.1.

Jambo.pk’s advancement and adaptability speak lengths about the progress that is taking place in the Pakistani e-commerce sector. Online shopping in Pakistan is still a relatively young concept and is yet to find its space and build upon its potential market. This is quite evident if one visits online shopping websites in Pakistan.

With the online stores opening now and then, Jambo.pk’s debut, and this technical advancement is certainly setting new standards. What’s amazing about the new Jambo.pk 2.1 is the ease that it brings in payment methods.

Cash model primarily drives online shopping in Pakistan as payment on delivery is loved and enjoyed by all. There is a lot that Jambo.pk has changed in its new version. Here is a look is what is up in the all new Jmabo.pk.

User Experience

User experience remains the focal point. The whole idea of delivering the best to the customer what inspires the team behind Jambo.pk. Online stores are not merely limited traditional ideology of customer is always right they have to take them to that extra length when even someone visiting is their online store.

The new Jambo.pk works on the new ideology. Now when you land at Jambo.pk, you are not looking for some random mobile phones. The new model helps you get easy access to mobile prices in Pakistan. Helping you with your visibility Pakistan mobile prices are now displayed very clearly along with all the necessary details and specs.


Gone are the days when users were attracted to fancy colours and flashy signs. Now a visitor demands more of clarity and accurate and updated information that is easy to read. Jambo.pk 1.9 was designed on the previous ideas and was calling for new inputs. The 2.1 brings the new classy, elegant design and helps with a greater online shopping experience.

Relaxing the colour game and making the content more readable, the new Jambo.pk is not only attractive but also provides for better functionality.

Search Capacity

A hidden benefit when an online shopping store makes it to Magento 2.1 is that of search flexibility. There is always that room for improvement yet when it came to Magento 1.9 search bar; it used to fall short of everything. An overhaul was becoming necessary.

The new Magento 2.1 brings you that you had desired for in the previous version. The new search is intelligent and caters to more of customer needs. New strings of search are now part of Magento 2.1.

Experience the improvement with Jambo.pk 2.1. The search bar is now more user-friendly and can handle higher number of SKUs without crashing. For say, the new Jambo.pk will help shoppers in all of the niches be it appliances or fashion.

A popular search that was getting reported was the air conditioner. But, now with the 2.1 search bar, feel free to search for air conditioner price in Pakistan and all the favourite air conditioner brands in Pakistan.

The new Jambo.pk happens to take online shopping in an entirely different direction. The store, for now, is the only shopping store that is functioning on the new Magento 2.1. The youngest among the tier one online shopping stores, Jambo.pk is a trendsetter and a game changer. With a monthly traffic of over half a million, and average basket size of 10,000, the new store is full of surprises.

For now appliances and gadgets have been the forte of Jambo.pk but now the store is flexing itself and aiming for leading online clothing store in Pakistan. Be it men clothing store in Pakistan or women clothing store in Pakistan, Jambo.pk is all set to dominate.


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