How to Improve Your Professional Online Presence

Improve professional online presence

Even if you currently have a job, staying on top of your resume and social profiles is crucial to ensuring that you are ready if and when you need to look for other employment. Resumes aren’t just about the piece of paper you fax into the human resources department: they are online. In fact, many companies exclusively use websites such as to find qualified individuals. Because they are so readily available, online resumes and your professional social presence are really the first impressions you will make to future employers. 

To improve that first look, consider the following tips:

1) Keep Your Information Current

If you created a Twitter or LinkedIn bio for yourself a couple of years ago and then left it at that, it may be time to update your information. While it isn’t necessary to write down every little thing, keeping your profile up to date with all of your added expertise, education, and passions is crucial to attracting potential employers. Take a look at your accounts every now and again and see if the information provided reflects your current responsibilities and achievements. Utilising tools like Reppler can also help you to look at and adjust your online presence professionally.

2) Make the Most of Your Bio

Being complete and succinct isn’t always the easiest task. But, with sites such as Twitter, you need to be ready to define yourself in a limited number of words. Insert keywords and phrases that are sure to attract attention and demonstrate to the reader not only your experience but also your passions. Above all, you want to stand out so staying witty as well as informative is a must. On sites such as LinkedIn, where you are provided with more room, list out all of your accomplishments and competencies. Take advantage of the free publicity!

3) Don’t Shy Away from Posting

Keeping any important achievement to yourself won’t do any good. Along with your resume, post your portfolio if you have one. Keep the working world abreast of your interests, opinions, and skills. You never know what will catch the eye of your next employer. For example, if you have participated in a New Jersey Leadership training seminar, post it!

4) Appear Professional

Before doing anything job-related, type your name into your search engine of choice and see what comes up. You can pretty much guarantee that any potential employer will do so. Pay particular attention to any unprofessional pictures there might be on Facebook or inappropriate comments you may have made on your wall. All of these things could very quickly come up in an employer’s search.

5) Have an Internet Presence

While it isn’t in your best interest to have a bunch of pictures of you on your Facebook page downing shots of tequila, it also isn’t a good idea to have no online presence at all. Being transparent as a professional is crucial as it demonstrates your trustworthiness, a trait essential to any quality employer.


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