Kaymu.pk Launches Video Ad to Familiarize Online Shopping


You would probably have heard the line “Sab Kay Mu pe Kaymu.pk” by now. This has gone viral on the cable TV and all forms of social media. As the tagline suggests, it’s the new advertisement by one of the online shopping giants of Pakistan i.e. Kaymu.pk.

Kaymu.pk debuts new Video Ad

Kaymu.pk recently debuted its new Video AD with a catchy jingle and the perfect visuals. Everyone who sees the advert is heard singing the line “Sab Kay Mu pe Kaymu.pk.” This 445-secondadvertisement not only shows how people can enjoy buying from Kaymu, but it also describes the procedure of online shopping for people to understand and use.

Kaymu.pk aims to use this new TVC to enhance its reach in the Pakistani market along with being able to familiarize the concept of online shopping among the masses present.

Kaymu and its presence in the Pakistani scape

Kaymu has been present in Pakistan since 2012 with its offices in Karachi and Lahore. This online marketplace is known to revolutionize the online shopping experience for a large range of people in the country. Being the first of its kind here, it offers easy solutions such as cash on delivery along with home delivery options. Other features include wish lists, delivery tracking features, discounts and online help for buyers and sellers.

Kaymu’s Video Ad all set to enhance Online Shopping in Pakistan

Kaymu’s new video ad with its catchy new jingle and ten different characters is all set to make an impact in the minds of people. Already, it has captured the attention of many and it is going to do this further. The ad depicts a number of people exploring products online and wanting to order them. Once they like a product, they are so happy that they dance to celebrate.

This advertisement has a greater meaning present other than to tell people the purpose of Kaymu. It is to create awareness of online shopping for the masses. The characters shown in the video belong to a varied class of people along with different set ups. From families to workers, everyone is seen enjoying online shopping for various products. It also shows that you can shop easily while you carry out other activities without having the hassle to go somewhere. There are step by step details present on how you can search for the product, order it and receive it.

Kaymu.pk aims to bring about a higher level of attention to its business along with the concept of online shopping in Pakistan. Previously, people were hesitant, but now they are jumping on this bandwagon to make shopping easy!


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