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Aamir Liaquat’s Explicit Leaked Videos Go Viral Online

Bahawalphir — Explicit videos of TV host and religious scholar Amir Liaqat Hussain have taken the storm by internet.

The videos have been leaked by Syeda Dania Shah, the third wife of Pakistan Teheek-e-Insaf (PTI) member of the National Assembly who has filed for khula (woman’s right to divorce) from him over alleged abuse.

Amir Liaqat had tied the knot with Dania in February this year, just a day after her second wife Syeda Tuba Anwar announced their divorce.

Last week, Dania announced that she has filed for khula in a family court, stating he is not “how he looked on tv” and is “worst than the devil”.

She also alleged him of beating her after getting intoxicated and threatening her and her family with dire consequences.  

Amir has strongly denied the allegations leveled on him.

Apart from khula, Dania has also requested the court to order Amir Liaqat to pay her haq mehr of over 1.5 crore and jewellery.

The hearing on her petition will be held on June 7.

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