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Afreen Clothing Collection is now Live on Shireen Lakdawala

The wait is over, as Afreen Collection is now live on Shireen Lakdawala’s website. Women have been waiting for long for this set of dresses, and now, you can access it online on the website. Shireen Lakdawala is one of those Pakistani dress designers who made her position in the fashion industry pretty quickly. It has been just a few years since she launched her brand, and now, she is one of the most preferred designers in the country. Let’s explore a bit more and see what Afreen Collection has for you, and how does Shireen Lakdawala work!

How Shireen Lakdawala Makes Pakistani Designer Dresses?

She mainly deals in formals and semi-formals; however, you may also find some casuals on her website. There’s no physical shop at the moment, and she is only doing online businesses, but she aims to expand her work and launch her shop in different cities. You can buy clothes by Shireen Lakdawala online on her official website like you shop for anything else from other stores. Each dress on her website is intricately designed, as she does all the designing and details herself. She gives due attention to each article, and that’s why, they look different than other brands, and give you a unique overall appearance. You stand out among a crowd of hundreds, and people adore you when you wear one of Shireen Lakdawala’s dresses.

What’s There in Afreen Collection?

You can either select Afreen Collection from the main home page, where it is displayed widely, or go to the “new arrivals” category and find it there. Once you go there, there are a lot of unique dresses for both evening and night parties. Most of them are shalwar kameez; however, there are both long and short shirts available in the collection. Both the lengths are in fashion these days, so it depends on your choice only. However, there are some maxi and gown style dresses, too, that give an elegant look to your personality. Most of the dresses are two-piece, so it’s your choice whether you want to add a dupatta with it.

The dresses like BurlyWood and True Blue are perfect for your evening parties. The colors of these dresses perfectly go for the dark times of the day. However, there are a lot of dresses for your day-time gatherings. Try Seashell, Spring Green, Silver Blue, Tea Rose, and a lot more and make your event worthwhile.

How to Shop at Shireen Lakdawala?

Shireen Lakdwala’s official website is live, and using it for shopping is a piece of cake! You can go to any of the categories mentioned at the top of the home page, and select one of the dresses. Each group is divided into further subgroups, from which you can buy dresses of your choice. For instance, if you want to access any new collection like Afreen Collection, then you have to select the “new arrivals” category. Buy now and add a classy dress to your wardrobe!

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