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Barry Sherman Death – What Might Have Happened

A couple of days ago, Apotex Pharmaceutical CEO Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey Sherman, were found dead in their Toronto Mansion. They were found hanged in the pool basement, and Toronto police deemed it as ‘suspicious.’

Since then, netizens have been expressing their speculations on different social media platforms as to how the couple died and what might have happened. Most of them have even come up with their own theories to explain the sudden deaths of the two most renowned philanthropists in Canada.

Continue reading to find out the darkest, most cynical things people have come up with.

Honey wanted a divorce

One of the many interesting theories found online is that Honey proposed a divorce with Barry Sherman for some unknown reasons, and Barry took it heavily and proceeded to commit murder-suicide. Kind of like, “If I can’t have you, no one will.”

While this is obviously out of Barry’s character, with him being one of the most kindhearted people in Canada claimed by many people, the possibility is still in the picture.

Just like the incident that happened on December 4 this year in Calgary, Canada when husband murdered his wife after listening that she regretted marrying him. The husband killed the wife, reported her missing, and even ‘grieved’ with the rest of the family just to get away with it. He was convicted a couple of days later of second-degree murder.

Barry’s cousins were the culprits

Following the lawsuits Sherman’s cousins filed against him, there is an eerie possibility that cousins might have murdered them.

Barry Sherman had always expressed his frustrations with his relatives. His cousins filed multiple lawsuits for consecutive years because according to them, they were cut off from Apotex shares. Basically, it’s all about the money.

One netizen suggested this theory and pictured the cousins murdering the couple somewhere else, and then hanging them in the mansion’s basement to set it up as a double-suicide.

This counters the theory that Barry committed murder-suicide, supported by the fact that he and wife Honey had travel plans to Florida before the deaths took place. There was also no way a 75-year-old man could have lifted and carried his wife’s body to hang her up, as Honey was a tall woman.

Barry is suffering from mental issues

“Money can buy happiness”, that is a fact. However, according to the scientific consensus a couple of years back, if someone is earning $75,000.00 and above, it is impossible to increase their happiness with material things.

With Sherman being the 12th wealthiest man in Canada the day he died, there was hardly anything in this world that he could not afford. In fact, there is none, except for non-material things.

In connection to the first one, Barry might have suffered from mental health issues that he kept to himself, tried to reach out to his wife to be happy, Honey rejects, and pushed him off the edge.

It is a double-suicide influenced by drugs

Among all the theories, this is the most possible and most common.

Relating to the scientific consensus mentioned in #3, they could have been doing drugs to satiate their thirst for happiness, or at least feel a little high. They might have gone a little too high and ended up committing suicide. It’s dark, yes, but possible.

Barry and Honey are members of the Illuminati

No matter how ridiculous this sounds, it has to be part of the list.

After the bodies were found lifeless in the basement pool, the officers were seen investigating on the scene while a painting of Frida Kahlo was illuminated.

If you were not informed yet, Frida Kahlo’s art is known to have been influenced by Mysticism and the dark side. The painting could be a clue left by Barry himself, and the deaths could very well be a murder-suicide indeed.

Update: On Monday, Toronto Police confirmed that couple died after suffering “ligature neck compression”.

Karla Carreon is a 23-year old Filipina blogger residing in Saudi Arabia. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts, and treats writing as an avenue for creative expression. She is a film and photography enthusiast, and plays instruments in her free time.


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