Chelsea’s Slim Champions League Hopes


Guus Hiddink’s arrival brought about some renewed optimism amongst Chelsea fans as the eccentric nature of his coaching style seemed to promise the Blues some sort of mid-season revival.

The London outfit were beyond lackluster under the guidance of then manager Jose Mourinho as they were slowly fading into obscurity – at some point in the campaign Chelsea appeared to be primed for relegation, but the undeniable quality of the Chelsea players begged to differ.

Although Chelsea are all but assured a top four spot once the season wraps up, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

A top four finish for the Blues is an impossible task, but one that can be achieved through sheer will, determination, and skill.

While Hiddink has refused to rule out a top four finish, many Chelsea fans and players alike have written the Blues off in the race for Champions League football which is somewhat unfair because they still have a chance – should they initiate a massive season turnaround that is.

Chelsea have the quality required to go on a mercurial winning run of 10 games or thereabout as that would reduce the gap between them and the top of the table.

They went unbeaten for the major part of last season so I reckon they can do it once again, but this time in Grand style.

But if the gap gets too wide for Chelsea to close in on, Hiddink should turn his attention to the Champions League itself as a Champions League win would be an instant ticket into the competition next season.

Chelsea have done something similar in the 2011/2012 season which saw them finish 6th in the Premier League, but they went on to win Europe’s most coveted prize – The UCL, under the guidance of then boss Roberto Di Matteo.

Nonetheless, Chelsea shouldn’t give up on the fight for European football as it could plague the Blues for many seasons to come just like how it has affected Manchester United over the last three years.

The top four isn’t in Chelsea’s hands, but they can mount a viable challenge for the same in the coming weeks. Whether that challenge will prove to be successful – we can’t say for sure, but one thing that’s certain is that we’re going to see a dramatic end to the 2015/2016 Premier League campaign.


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