Lahore – A civil court here on Thursday heard the petition against the airing of the eagerly- awaited last episode of blockbuster TV drama serial ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’. 

The petition was filed yesterday by a woman identified as Maham Jamshed Butt, who pleaded the court to stop the airing of the drama’s last episode because it portrays a negative image of women. 

The hearing of the case was conducted by senior civil judge Mohammad Ali Mazhar today. 

During the proceedings, the petitioner’s counsel Majid Chaudhary contested that the plot of the drama serial is that a woman leaves her husband for the sake of money, which puts a negative impact on country’s women; therefore, the airing of its last episode should be halted. 

The additional general advocate told the court that the said woman would return to her husband in the final episode, to be aired on January 25 across in cinemas across the country.  

When asked that why the drama serial is being screened in cinemas as there is no such example from the past, the additional general advocate told the court that it is due to its enormous popularity. He said all the tickets of the cinema houses for the drama have been sold. 

The judge asked additional general advocate whether he himself has got a ticket to watch the drama, upon which he said not only him, but all the people in the courtroom may have bought the tickets. 

The judge remarked that how the court can stop the broadcast of the episode when all of its have been sold. 

After hearing the argument from the plaintiff and defendant, the court issued notices to Punjab Film Censor Board and director and producer of the drama serial for February 4 and adjourned the hearing of the case. 


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