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Finding Perfect Holiday in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Deciding where you want to travel for your holiday can be difficult. Not to mention, you have to book your flight, make hotel reservations, find the cheapest holiday insurance, and pack! However, choosing to take your holiday in Edinburgh and Glasgow will be worth all your frustrations. Each city has something special to offer and will not disappoint you.


Edinburgh, a city of approximately 450,000 people, has been the capital of Scotland since 1437. The city has a combination of both ancient history and modern art within the same atmosphere. There you will find Edinburgh’s most famous attraction, the Edinburgh Castle. This 1,000-year-old building is a national icon to Scotland and sits on top of Castle Rock, an extinct volcano.

The Edinburgh Castle is not the only place to explore in Edinburgh. Among many other things, Arthur’s Seat is one of the highest rated places to visit in the city. Arthur’s seat is the biggest peak of a group of four hills in Holyrood Park. The 251-metre tall peak gives spectacular panoramic views of the city and is relatively easy to climb.

If you’re in Scotland, touring a Whiskey-Scotch distillery is a must-do. In Edinburgh, you can go on the Scotch Whiskey Experience. There, you’ll take a barrel ride through a replica distillery where you learn the art of the Whiskey-making process. At the end of your tour, age permitted, you will have a taste test of different Whiskeys. This tour does an excellent job showing the history of Whiskey-making in Scotland and will not disappoint.


As Scotland’s largest city and the U.K.’s third largest city, Glasgow has a lot to offer. From riverfront views to Victorian buildings to the science centre to the nightlife, Glasgow is the place to be. Though it used to be a little rural countryside, Glasgow is now home to nearly 2.3 million people.

One of Glasgow’s top attractions is the Glasgow Science Centre. Adults and children alike can enjoy this family fun museum located right on the River Clyde. Any science novice or well-developed scientist can enjoy this museum. From the exciting exhibitions to the beautiful planetarium, this science centre will keep the whole family occupied.

Travelling can be stressful on your feet, so pull up a seat and relax at the Willow Tearooms. You can gaze at all the beautiful art while elegantly sipping on tea and eating a sandwich. The Willow Tearooms are the perfect place to rest and relax while still experiencing the Glasgow lifestyle.

A trip to Scotland would not be appropriate if you didn’t do a little bit of shopping. Luckily, Glasgow has some of the best shopping in Scotland. At the St Enoch Centre, you’ll find hundreds of shops and boutiques, known and unknown. Located in the city centre, navigating your way to the St Enoch Centre is an easy task.

A trip to Glasgow would not be complete without experiencing the famous nightlife there. If you’re looking for a classic pub, a swanky nightclub, or just a place with loud music and dancing, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Glasgow. If you’re looking for a classic pub, Bon Accord is the place to be.

Located on North Street, this pub is ranked one of the best in town. If you want to be a little classier, then the Corinthian Club is the place to go. This five-story venue has everything from a plush club to a piano bar. As for you music lovers, King Tut’s Wah Wah House is the place for you. There, they host a live band almost every night, so you’ll fit right in.

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