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Five Essential Improvements To Make Before Selling Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your property? To get the most from your sale, ensure that your home is up to scratch by making some improvements to the interior design, utilities, and garden.

Pakistan’s best real estate website,, has compiled a list of ways that sellers can improve their home before it goes on the market.

  1. Touch-up the paintwork

One of the simplest ways to improve the value of your home is to ensure that all of the paintwork is fresh. A room that has been newly painted looks fresher and cleaner, which is vital for succeeding in selling. Not only is this an easy way to brighten up your property, it is also cost-effective, and should not take too much time. Furthermore, a neutral home will have more success on the market, as bright, bold colors may not be to everyone’s taste.

  1. Go green

Although this can be a slightly more expensive home-improvement solution, it will be rewarded in the long-term. The demand for eco-friendly housing has grown immensely over the past few years, with house-hunters eager to purchase energy-efficient real estate. Improvements can range from the simple addition of an air purifier to installing double or triple glazing on the windows.

  1. Consider curb appeal

If your home comes with outdoor space, or even just a front lawn, make sure that it is well-groomed. Cut the lawn, remove any weeds, and trim the hedges to give the property a greater curb appeal. Make sure the driveway is clean, and plant colorful flowers to brighten up the entrance. Make the outside of your property stand out for all of the right reasons.

  1. Update the security system

Nothing increases the value of a home more than security, as it is a top priority for all potential buyers. Whilst video surveillance may not be necessary, depending on the area you live in, a high-tech alarm system and motion detection software can significantly increase the value of your home. 

  1. Refresh the bathroom

Hygiene and cleanliness are vital when selling your home. If the property is not clean, it goes without saying that people will be dissuaded from purchasing. This is particularly important in the bathroom. Make sure that the whole room is deep-cleaned, and consider reglazing your bathtub for a high-shine, high-quality finish. If you have money to spare, install a statement bath or add underfloor heating to add a touch of luxury.

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