Five Features That Can Make Samsung Galaxy S7 A Smash Hit


Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones have been the most admired Android phones for years. They’re quite simple to use, have a vivid Super AMOLED display, and ship with an attractive decent camera. This year’s flagship Galaxy S7 won’t drift far from those specifications rather will build on them.

Samsung has a scheduled media event on February 21, 2016, just one day ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we presume the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled.

Samsung lovers keep making feature requests and the South Korean smartphone maker carefully listens to the customer feedback as well. Now, there are a bunch of feature requests, so we had to constrict it down a bit, top five features are mentioned below.

Improved battery life

The most-requested development for the Galaxy S7 is improved battery life. Evey one of us likes to hold a phone with a You would like that has the juice to get us throughout the day. The Galaxy S6 just doesn’t last long, and that means most holders find themselves in need of charging back up during the day. For many of us, smartphones are an essential part of daily life of getting through every day, having to keep a steady eye on your battery just isn’t an excellent time for anyone involved.

Flexible storage

The next most requested feature is enhanced internal storage at a flexible price. Purchasing a flagship phone is a costly affair and buyers have to shell out even larger sums of money if they opt for a high storage model. Holding your favorite phone with inadequate storage adds a bit of a discontentment to the joys of owning the latest gadget. There is no denying the fact that a microSD can pump up your obtainable space to get the most out of your phone, but that is not without repercussions either.

Front speakers

While you would like to listen to music or watching videos on your phone, you would want it to be in most impressive fashion. That’s where front facing speakers come in, and it’s the third most desired feature Samsung lovers have requested in Galaxy S7. Front speakers, if added, would enable Galaxy owners to enjoy music noisily, rocking out wherever you are, devoid of the sound being quiet during party times.

RAM administration

Plenty of you have asked Samsung to provide a RAM handling administration panel, the typical method that Google has built into the latest version of Android. It is relevant for those who doesn’t yearn for smoother multitasking? As we anticipate higher quality apps and games appearing after the launch of enhanced feature smartphones, Samsung’s technique of doing things is less than great, particularly in contrast to other phones out there.


The next most desired feature to have in Galaxy S7 is improved waterproofing. With improved waterproofing you wouldn’t have to be anxious, almost as much about an unexpected accident at the beach or lake or at home in the lavatory or kitchen. Samsung has had a dodgy connection with waterproofing, as you might consider from the Galaxy S5.


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