Five Must Have Ingredients in Tinkerman’s Recipe for Silverware


Leicester City look set to secure the Premier League title in emphatic fashion following their unexpected rise to the pinnacle of English football.

The Foxes have left all sets of Premier League supporters purring all season long due to their beautiful attacking football while making use of the good old 4-4-2 tactic for the most part of the season.

The likes of Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy, N’golo Kante, Wes Morgan and Marc Albrighton have been particularly impressive as they’ve duly staked their claim amongst the best in the Premier League.

But despite the romance of Leicester’s Premier League uprising, things aren’t quite done and dusted yet as a lot of drama could still unfold as we near the end of the BPL campaign.

Lest we forget, Tottenham, as well as Arsenal’s hopes of winning the League are still realizable, although, at this stage of the season, the title is most definitely Leicester’s to lose.

So without further ado let’s take a look at the five things Leicester need to do to get the League title in the bag;

1The Ugly Wins

It’s essential for every title challenger to know how to grind out results as every game will not come easy for the top sides – a fact Chelsea can attest to.

In the closing stages of Chelsea’s League Campaign in the previous season, Jose Mourinho was slammed by a lot of opposition fans for Chelsea’s unusual and unorthodox style of play.

But Chelsea’s Boring football won them the league, on that note, I reckon Claudio Ranieri should take a few pointers from Jose Mourinho and learn how to get the ugly wins.

Although Leicester shouldn’t resort to anti-football tactics like Parking The Bus just so they can earn points, they are well-known and loved for their beautiful attacking displays spearheaded by Okazaki, Mahrez and Vardy so they should stick to that while also doing their best to secure points.

2Feed off the Positivity

The fans at the King Power stadium are absolutely ecstatic because of the unexpected heights Leicester City have attained this season.

There’s a lot of positive energy in and around the Leicester camp which has in turn reflected in Leicester’s unwavering will and drive.

However, they need it now more than ever as the stakes are higher. The Foxes aren’t in a relegation battle; they’re serious contenders for the Premier League trophy.

Leicester have most certainly found themselves in unfamiliar territory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the most of it.

The massive amounts of positivity flowing through the Leicester players should be utilized up until the final whistle against Chelsea in their last game of the season.

3Team Mentality

Right Now, Leicester City is everyone’s favorite team mostly because of their Underdog status in the midst of the Top Dogs.

But Leicester players should not see themselves as a little team anymore because they are not.

They’re at the top of the pecking order now, a position which comes with massive amounts of expectations.

Their main objective now should be winning the league not just taking every game as it comes.

4The Tinker Man Needs to Start Tinkering Again

Claudio Ranieri earned himself the ‘Tinkerman’ nickname due to his ability to implement result yielding tactics in quick succession, and he might need to put on his tinker hat once again as Leicester prepare to take the last step en route to winning the Premier League title.

5Avoid Complacency

It would be very unfortunate if Leicester loses out on the Premier League title at the last minute seeing how hard they’ve worked to get to this point.
The Foxes need to guard against Complacency as it could prove costly in the closing stages of the season.

There’s still a handful of games to play before the curtain falls on the 2015/16 Premier League season so a lot can still happen between now and May.

Saying Leicester have been impressive this season would be a tremendous understatement as they have proven their potency in attack as well as in maintaining a cohesive unit.

The Leicester players need to go about their business in urgent fashion now so as to avoid being overtaken at the top of the pile.

But as things stand, Leicester City are delicately poised to be crowned Premier League Champions for the first time.


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