FreshSabz: A New Online Fruits & Vegetables Store Launched in Karachi


Grocery shopping seems an easy thing to do, but can be the most hectic task when both partners are working. They hardly have time on weekends, and there are tons of things to do in a short period. Isn’t it amazing to have access to an online store where you can place an order at your fingertips and receive groceries at your doorsteps?  How amazing is it to shop without spending any time and energy? Freshsabz is a new online grocery store that sells fruits, vegetables, and breakfast items at reasonable rates.

What is

Before moving on to the details of products, let’s first explore what is. You may have gone through a lot of online stores, and web shopping might be a common practice for you. However, there are a few people who depend on the online options for basic eateries like vegetables, fruits, and breakfast items. Since it is a new store, the product list is confined to these three categories only; however, it is soon expected to increase with time. Simply put, it is a web grocery store at your service, ready to deliver items at your doorsteps at reasonable rates. However, the services are available in Karachi only.

What Services Do Provides?

Shopping for basic vegetables like onion, potato, chilies, capsicum, corns, lemon, peas, garlic, ginger, cauliflower, cabbage, and others seem easy and invaluable. The vendors used to wander from streets to streets with their carts to sell these things back in the 90s and 20s. However, things got advanced with time and it shifted to physical stores. The carts are still found, but there are now particular spots where they are present. It made things a bit organized, but for buyers, it became difficult to buy these things. They cannot depend on wandering carts to come to their doorsteps anymore.

Well, it has now become easy with the online grocery store known as You may also call it your “sabzi wala” who delivers vegetables and fruits at your doorsteps. However, the services aren’t confined to vegetables and fruits only, as you can also buy breakfast items here. Due to being a novice, the product list is limited, and it soon expects to increase with time. All the basic grocery items will be available at this store.

How to Shop at

Online grocery shopping used to be an unusual practice a few years ago, and people only used to buy clothes and related items via the web. Now, with options like, it has become easy and common for people to buy groceries online. Shopping at this store is super-easy as you have three categories to choose from i.e. vegetables, fruits, and breakfast. Selecting any one of these takes you to the entire product range related to the group. You will find prices just as equal to that of the open market. Choose the items you need to buy and add them to the cart. Proceed to checkout if you are done shopping, or continue buying if you want to shop more.


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