Get 20% Discount on Rafia’s Collection this Rabi ul Awwal


No matter how glamorous or sober the occasion is, women always need clothes because they cannot compromise on their looks. Therefore, they need new dresses on sacred occasions, too. As we are just a few days ahead of celebrating Rabi ul Awwal that is a Holy month in the Islamic calendar, their demand for clothes is increasing. Understanding the womanly need for costumes, brings a 20% discount on its collection. It’s a limited time offer and something not to be missed; therefore, grab it before it ends.

Why Do We Commemorate 12 Rabi Ul Awwal?

According to Islamic history, the Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon Him) was born in Rabi ul Awwal. The narrators are uncertain about the exact date; however, most of them agree that it is somewhere around 12-15. A lot of them say that the historical events confirm it that the right date is 12, but they cannot say it for sure because it is not mentioned in the Quran or hadith or authentic preachings of sahaba. Considering 12th the right date, Muslims throughout the globe commemorate it in different ways. The mosques are lightened up, and there are huge gatherings of naat khwani and melad to praise the Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon Him).

Why Should You Shop at Rafia on Rabi ul Awwal?

Since women have to attend these congregations, they need sober clothes. Therefore, the Rabi ul Awwal sale at brings casual dresses to make the event worthwhile for you. Most of the Pakistani designer dresses are available on sale these days, but Rafia’s are unique in their way. Unlike most of the brands in the country, Rafia has not kept a signature style but focuses on designing each article differently. It has pretty much altered the Pakistani clothing trend, and one cannot judge that you are wearing a particular brand. It is what is required for ladies’ clothing because females always want something new and do not like repeating a look. Therefore, it is indeed the best choice you have and a go-to place for your clothing needs.

However, keep in mind that the sale does not only bring you sober, casual dresses. There is a good number of formals and fancy dresses in the collection, too. You should not waste the opportunity of buying them, especially if you have to attend an occasion soon. The offer may not be available when you need it; therefore, buy a dress for the future now.

How to Shop During the Sale?

Well, it’s the same as buying on the usual days. The only difference is the main “sale” banner on the main homepage that will take you directly to the entire collection available at a 20% discount. However, it does not divide formals and casuals, and all the clothes are there altogether. Therefore, you have to look into the details and shop accordingly.


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