How A Wife’s Salary Can Affect Her Husband’s Health


Many women today are making more money than men. In fact, the mother is the primary breadwinner in 40 percent of American households. Only 11 percent of women were the primary breadwinners in 1960. Single mothers head many of the households today, but some women who are married are making more money than their husbands.

Men who are married to someone who makes more money than they are more likely to suffer from self-esteem issues. They are also more liable to suffer from male health problems, such as reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

The anger and frustration that comes along with earning less money are two of the things that can cause a man to have sexual issues. Even though family dynamics have changed drastically, many people still hold true to traditional family values. Traditionally, the man has always been the one who works and provides for his family. When a man has a partner who makes more money than him, he may feel emasculated. That can also cause him to develop sexual issues.

The man is not the only one who suffers when his woman makes more money. The woman is also likely to experience problems. Studies have shown that female breadwinners are prone to anxiety and insomnia. Furthermore, there has been evidence to suggest that men who are in a relationship with a woman who makes more money are more likely to cheat.

People today have mixed feelings about working mothers and the impact that they can have on their family. While 79 percent of people surveyed believe that women should work, only 21 percent believe that it is good for a woman to work outside of the home if she has young children. However, the traditional household where the man works and the woman stays home and takes care of the family seems to have become a thing of the past. Several factors have led more women to enter the workforce.

Marriage rates are declining, and more women are giving birth without being married. This has led to a drastic increase in single parent families. Women today are also more educated today than they were in the past. They are more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than their male counterparts. Women also make up nearly half of the workforce.

The economy is another thing that has prompted more women to enter the workforce. The vast majority of people who work in manufacturing and construction are males. Many people have been laid off from these jobs because of the economy. As a result of these job losses, many women have been forced to work to support their family.


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