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Impact of Corona Virus on Pakistan’s Fashion Industry

The corona pandemic turned the world upside down and affected every business in the world. Therefore, the fashion industry is also hit by it and suffered a huge loss in Pakistan. Both high-end and moderate brands are thinking about their futures these days, and they go numb when they are left out of answers. However, there seems an only way out, and that’s what we will talk about as the article unfolds.

The Digital Future of the Fashion Industry

There are hundreds of brands in the Pakistani fashion industry, and their futures are at stake for the past six months. The year 2020 has hit them badly just like it affected other businesses. Be it a high-end brand or small scale industries, both are suffering equally. They all are thinking and trying to reshape their businesses, but are unable to do so. In these circumstances, digital marketing seems like the only option because everyone has a mobile phone in hands these days. You can’t attract people to come to your shops, but you can surely appeal to them to shop online.

Why the Trend has Shifted to the Web?

It has been six months since people are advised to stay homes and stay safe. There is now leniency, but there had been a strict lockdown for good two to three months. It resulted in a huge loss for industries since there were no customers in the markets. Despite lifting the lockdown, people are reluctant in going to public places. The trend of social distancing has gone permanent, and people try to meet and greet as little as possible. Therefore, the fashion industry found a way out, and most of the brands such as Khaadi and have launched their online stores. Those who had their web stores already restored them by marketing, and those who hadn’t, launched it immediately.

What will be the Effects of Digital Marketing?

Well, it surely is a way out, but it won’t be able to cover the loss the fashion industry has suffered. There had been a myriad loss of money, and the economy is at a standstill. Therefore, the effects are lasting, and things won’t be as same as before this early.

One of the hindrances in the recovery is the postponing of events such as weddings and parties. The fashion industry runs on the profit they earn from selling wedding dresses, jewelry, and other items. People are postponing their marriages and waiting for things to settle down. If they aren’t delaying, they are doing it on a much smaller scale with a limited number of guests. Therefore, no more fanciful, opulent dresses and decorations, and hence, no earnings from weddings! The same is the case with parties and other occasions.

It will take a lot of time for the world to overcome the loss they suffered from the corona. The fashion industry relies on the web now, but they need a permanent and resourceful solution to this problem. Let’s wait and watch what happens next!

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