An American-led war in Iraq and Afghanistan has provided space to a more ruthless jihadist group namely Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an organization run by Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, which slaughters Shai and other minorities, and Alawites, a sect to which President of Syria Bashar Assad belongs. It dispatches suicide bombers to markets and other places to create terror having no regard civilian causalities.

The ISIS has occupied much of eastern and northern Syria and western and northern Iraq fraying the borders and government across the region in the past one year or so. On June 10th it gained a biggest victory by capturing Mousel, the second biggest city of Iraq, and most of the area of Nineveh province. The next day it has advanced towards the capital city Baghdad capturing a number of towns falling in the way. The government of Iraq has confirmed it.

Iraqi security forces have abandoned their posts in Mousel and most probably they have joined the ISIS who has taken over army bases, government offices and banks. The ISIS has seized several huge arms and ammunition stores including military vehicles, six black hawk helicopters, and fresh printed 500 billion dinars (which equals $430 million).

The ISIS has already captured Falluja, less than half an hour drive from Baghdad, taken over Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, and battling for Samarra. The reports also show that they have taken over Saddam Hussain’s home city Tikrit also. It has created a proto-state making borderlines between Iraq and Syria irrelevant. Virtually both the countries are breaking and a third state is going to emerge on the world map out of these two countries.

It is believed ISIS has around 6000 fighters battling in Iraq, and almost 5000 fighters in Syria including 3000 foreigners from Chechnya, UK, and France.


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