This complete wireless kit offers easy plug-&-play installation.The edge blade is used to pull material off the edge of a driveway or horse arena back into the tool so it may be redistributed. ATV owners can easily use either version, however side-by-side UTV owners will want the left side version for better visibility.The Mini-Box Blade gives the ABI Gravel Rascal Pro extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility.

Second, it allows the operator to gauge or control the max depth of penetration into the surface. To learn more about this technology for horse arena go to for Infield surfaces go to adjusting the rear manual jack, the Gravel Rascal’s, 1/2″ think hardened steel, rake can pivot up to 90° into a variety of finishing and grading positions. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Equipment and even a few new, non-current models.

The Grading Box has a pitch control, which is critical to its effectiveness. When other grading attachments leave you stuck in the middle of a job…the Coiled Springs of the ABI Gravel Grader guarantee you, and your gravel driveway, success.The ABI Gravel Grader comes with a 48″ grader box with ripping teeth that will loosen up to 1¾” deep! And, if we can’t, we shouldn’t be selling it to you!

This amazing versatility for one tool to work with both ATVs and tractors is ideal for land owners that prefer to use a different tow vehicle for varying jobs.

When the surface is extremely hard, the wheels may be raised “out-of-play” to allow the full weight of the tool to be placed on the ground contact components for more aggressive penetration.

These ripping teeth are adjustable and easily replaced, making them the most effective ripping teeth, for a mower designed gravel grader, on the market. This innovative and patent pending technology eliminates the old fashioned practice of adding concrete blocks to the grader so it can dig into hard packed gravel and actually work. The wheel-lift system serve 3 purposes. These “Coiled Springs” will allow the forgiveness needed to pull through tough areas. Unlike many of our competitors, whose loosening teeth only penetrate 1/8″ at a time, the ABI Gravel Graders ripping teeth do real work, ensuring the driveway has enough loosened gravel to properly grade, producing a smooth driving surface. (The onboard battery is not included)The ABI Gravel Grader’s grading box has an easy to use “crown control’ mechanism that makes it the ONLY gravel grader, for a riding mower, that can pull your loose gravel from the edges of your driveway and properly re-establish a crown. Additional weight can help to loosen extremely hard surfaces. This is a common problem for most competitive groomers. If you are looking for a grading attachment for your mower, that is performance-oriented and cost-effective, this is it. We had been paying for a road grader prior to this and I can say with confidence that the Gravel … An optional wireless remote controller is also available. Buying direct also ensures that you’re not limited to a local dealers in-stock inventory, but instead you have access to every model, size, and configuration we offer and you can have it shipped to you in just a few days. The attachments we design are made in the United States, unique, and are full of features that separate us from our competitors.

First, it is used for conditioning the dirt (footing) of a horse riding arena. This ensures the driveway has enough loosened gravel to properly grade, producing a smooth driving surface.A proper crown helps minimize recurring potholes and the washboard effect. The frame is fully welded, except at pivoting joints, for rugged and long lasting service life.

Browse ABI Equipment for Sale on Grader Box. Second, they stabilize the Gravel Rascal from pitching side-to-side ensuring consistency of grooming depth, the width of the unit, especially when maneuvering tight turns. The ripping teeth are adjustable from 0″ – 7″ to get to the bottom of the most demanding jobs, even potholes! The serrated box edge is ideal for gravel and soil materials. The actuator can be connected to your mowers battery or to an onboard battery. It includes all hardware and wireing needed to attach to a 12v battery and has a very convenient handlebar mounted controller.

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