No it's a different color! When you choose Lead Foot Gray, you’re telling the world that you mean business, yet you’re also refined and sophisticated. The 2020 Ford F-150 comes in 44 configurations costing $28,745 to $71,160. But I'm in love!

We are looking for a F-150 in the abyss color , prefer 6 cyl. Ruby Red.

Lightning Blue. I loved white vehicles before thisNice looking truck !

The 2019 Ford F-150 adds five new exterior colors to its color palette: Magma Red, Silver Spruce, Velocity Blue, Agate Black, and Abyss Gray. 214. 1 year ago. It is only available on models equipped with the Sport Appearance Package, meaning it is unavailable on any King Ranch, Limited, or Platinum models. One of the main things that set this program aside from a lot of the options that you can select from, is the truth that Stephen Larsen concentrates on telling you how to build your own MLM service. Ease of use was pretty straight forward. Jul 31, 2018 at 9:52 AM #9 Maybe even include written instructions as well, the instructions on the pens are really small. Later in his youth he became infatuated with Eleanor, thanks to Nicholas Cage's stellar performance. Sponsored Links. What do you guys think?

!I just got a 2016 Lariat in lithium grey and I love the color. It's a tax write-off, and the depreciation is much less on the Raptor than other models. You will receive mail with link to set new password. 2019 Ford F-150 in Abyss Grey And what do you know, we've got another for you, Spies. They are: Blue Jeans, Ingot Silver, White Platinum, Velocity Blue, Oxford White, Magnetic, Ruby Red, Abyss Gray, Agate Black, Stone Gray… The first Gray Ford in our paint database was in 1928, with 4 gray paint shades named Bonnie Gray, Dawn Dark Gray, Dawn Light Gray, and Pembroke Gray.

Well, the 2018 Ford F-150 in Lead Foot Gray not only looks powerful – it also delivers a sleek sheen of eye-catching slate tones depending on how the light strikes its athletic body structure. It was definitely worth the difference from my 2017 to my 2018. I loved white vehicles before thisNice looking truck !

It's a tax write-off, and the depreciation is much less on the Raptor than other models. I decided on the 2.7 Ecoboost because the wife builds themNo it's a different color! Total: 841 (members: 145, guests: 501, robots: 195)

Congrats on the buy!Nice!

What motor did you decide on ?Thanks.

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Buy SprayMax 3680094, Wax & Grease Remover, DAT Surgical Blue Tack Rag, SprayMax 3680061, 2K Urethane Glamour Clear Coat, Aerosol, 3M 37448, Scotch-Brite Fine Scuff Pad and get ME, Abyss Gray Metallic at an additional 5% off our everyday low price. Color match was good. Here’s our first look at the new Abyss Gray hue.Assigned order code ME, Abyss Gray is the one of six gray-silver hues available for the 2019 The new Abyss Gray color is included in the base price of the 2019 Ford F-150. But I'm in love! It looks pretty similar to yours, based on the picture. It's a lighter color than leadfootNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castThis sub is dedicated to the Ford f-150 and discussion of anything pertaining to it.Press J to jump to the feed. Abyss Gray Perl ME/M7418 Agate Black Metallic UM/M7414 Blue Diamond Metallic FT/M7411 Blue Jeans Metallic N1/M7291 Bold Yellow LE/M7358 Burgundy Velvet Tricoat R3/M7356 Ford Performance Blue Metallic FM/M7412 Green Gem Pearl Metallic W6/M7296 Ingot Silver Metallic UX/M7226 Magma Red E2/M7397 Magnetic Metallic J7/M7325 Oxford White YZ/M6466/M6887 Oxford White (B9791) … Magma Red. Assigned order code ME, Abyss Gray is the one of six gray-silver hues available for the 2019 Ford F-150. Lol Ford dropped Lead Foot for 2019. The new Abyss Gray color is included in the base price of the 2019 Ford F-150. The 2019 colors are listed in the fleet guide. Congrats on the buy!Nice! Please enter your email address. Was very sceptical on if I'd like the color!

Just picked it up yesterday! It's being replaced with Abyss Grey which looks similar to Lithium Grey from 2017.

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