Here is what I have been able to discover:While parakeet noise and songs can be charming, some people my find them to be a little trying.A parakeet is not some kind of MP3 player you can turn on and off, they are birds at the end of the dayDepending on your personal preferences, a parakeet may or may not be right for you. It is recommended that you have at least two parakeets at once. They can be annoying, though.It is not the easiest noise to concentrate through. I have three parakeets, two girls and a boy. Many other pets may also be sensitive to the noise. If you hear a sharp screech, it’s a cry for help. Yes, jealousy — if you’re particularly paying attention to another pet or individual. It does often sound like a little continuous chatter, which you will learn to recognize in time.Not all of the chirps will be disruptive, and even the quieter sounds that they make you will soon get used to and even naturally not hear as it becomes regular and routine.More-so, a lot of the peeps will be go on unnoticed. It sounds very similar to a human whistling away as they try to pass the time.Their sounds are generally pleasant and cheerful. While they are active there will be bouts of time where they want to be heard.Generally, the louder and more severe the noise, the more your parakeet requires your attention and something is more serious. Try to play with them regularly.Also make sure that they always have food and water as they may be chirping to let you know they are running low, are hungry or are dehydrated.If their chirping is disrupting your sleep cycle (especially if you live in an area with early sunrises or long days), throwing a night cover over the cage can get them into nighttime mode.Any old sheet would do, but covers specifically designed to be fitted over a bird cage will have a lot better coverage. If you're interested in getting a bird that won't make too much noise, consider avoiding these birds. Cockatoos have big beaks that they love to use for chewing and shredding, so giving him something to wrap his beak around can stave off the boredom that leads to nighttime vocalization.If your cockatoo won't keep quiet at night, a trip to the veterinarian rules out any medical problems that could be an indirect cause. If you are not too sure about a new addition, try making some extra time for your Parakeet, exercise it, introduce some new toys, and so on. Could you possibly (with enough training) be able to take them out of the house on your shoulder? Don't reward squawking. It’s rare that they will create a noise at night. They enjoy it!It’s not always to convey a happy message though. Unfortunately her wings were clipped before purchase, of which we plan to let them grow back out so she can get around her cage better, but we are trying to think of ways so that she will sleep at night, She has a bed that she can sleep in when cold, but will not go in it, I am considering getting her one of the bird-safe cozy rings so she can perch on it, but no matter what I try she continuously chirps into the night, and even though she is not mine, I am doing my best to keep her comfy, but does anyone else have any ideas? Parakeets are highly intelligible birds with advanced cognitive abilities. Bourke's are active around sunset/sunrise in the wild (hence the large eyes) but usually settle when it's full dark. Let us now explore the topic further to better understand how, when and why parakeets noise and some other considerations to help reduce this noise if you currently or decide to adopt one/several.A parakeet won’t produce some supernatural sound that will make you go deaf. Switching out the toys occasionally will also keep things fresh and exciting for your bird. Click on a term to search for related topics.

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