Nyah! Sue Ellen sees all the dolls and tells Muffy, “Dolls should be played with, not just sit there.” - Sad About Face :) Arthur Game Thank you very much! “Uh… I don’t know… maybe… yeah,” says Binky. - Proud Related categories. “Duck Lake” turns out to be fantastic. - Grumpy All emotions (not all emotions exist for each character)Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. - Bored “I’ve got it!” Buster says. “I’ll take this moldy sandwich from under my bed.” - Excited About Face (played: 4809 times) Go George Go (played: 4529 times) Crank it Up (played: 4229 times) Cards Game with Buster (played: 4108 times) Arthur Comic Creator (played: 3932 times) Super Action Challenge (played: 3564 times) Muffy Dress Up (played: 3442 times) What are the best mobile Arthur Games? Francine scores the winning goal. The ARTHUR television series is produced by WGBH Boston and Oasis Animation, Inc. Funding for the ARTHUR Web site is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and public television viewers.

Muffy thinks, “Sue Ellen’s not being fair. “Okay, that’s it!” says Francine. “Very creative,” says Mr. Ratburn. During the game, the ball goes between Francine’s legs, and the other team laughs at her. “I’m not going to enjoy this one bit!” says Binky, sitting down and crossing his arms. Arthur's Top 20 (played: 2343 times) - Angry When Binky arrives at the ballet, he discovers that it’s “DUCK Lake,” not “Swan Lake.” - Surprised Buster asks Binky if he’s going to the ballet. The player first selects one of Arthur's friends: D.W., Francine, Binky, Buster, or Muffy. Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. This is a special game in whih you need to use your attention skills, your mission is to guess the emotion on all the characters' faces and that won't be a very easy thing becaue the game is made in a way to not be easy,but they will tell you their stories and you can try guessing their emotions. Then Mom tells her that none of her friends can come to her party. About Face is a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website. But later, all of D.W.’s friends jump out from behind the furniture and yell, “Happy birthday!” - Surprised - Thoughtful Muffy’s father gives her a doll she already has. - Embarrassed The ARTHUR Web site is produced by WGBH Boston. “Ah… how I love a good ballet!” says Binky. - Tired Added in 27.01.2017, played 4826 times, voted 28 timesIf the game is not working for you, try to refresh the page with CTRL+SHIFT+R.COme dear kids and check out this brand new game with Arthur, we are sure you are going to have a good time and that is important for us because we, the administrative team of the site, are here to always make sure you have the best time ever and we know you love the Arthur games, after all you get to play with a lot of cute and friendly characters here who are all very happy to be here and they are ready to play with you.

Today is D.W.’s birthday, and she’s having a big party.

Before the big soccer game, Francine hopes she plays better than she did last time. Goodluck! - Sneaky She sighs and puts it with the others in her room. D.W. thinks that if she’s extra good today, she might get twice as many presents. I TOLD him I needed it today!” says Buster. Funding for the ARTHUR television series is provided by public television viewers. “I have a plan to help us win!” - Determined - Excited

Learn more. Goodluck! Comments are turned off. It’s not MY fault I have so many dolls.” - Grumpy “Brain never returned it! - Worried Afterward, Muffy thinks, “Hey! The crowd cheers! Binky has a ticket to see his favorite ballet, “Swan Lake,” on Friday night. - Worried Description: The story about face is a serious platform game, with puzzling challenges all through the way before reaching the exit portal. “Good Job!” - Proud Buster wakes up and remembers… oh, no! In class, Buster shows everyone his sandwich. With all the cake, presents, and friends, D.W. has had a very long day. - Excited Francine distracts the other team by yelling: “Boogedy-boogedy! Muffy gets an idea: she gives all her dolls away to a charity for needy kids. - Excited

“Hmm… What can I do in five minutes?” says Buster. - Embarrassed After choosing, the scene switches to the kitchen, where Arthur has set up three posters on the wall. - Sad Now I have room to display all my Backstreet Boys stuff!” - Excited Once it reaches the special button, Space-bar becomes more than a simple key to make it jump. "- Silly

This is a special game in whih you need to use your attention skills, your mission is to guess the emotion on all the characters' faces and that won't be a very easy thing becaue the game is made in a way to not be easy,but they will tell you their stories and you can try guessing their emotions. Move a square that isn't more than a face and try to understand what's behind the spooky black and white circle. - Satisfied Animal Games; Arthur Games He doesn’t have his aliens book for show and tell!

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