This is hands down the worst snuff ever made. Weak nicotine hit. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Stokers and all their flavors are horrid.

It smells like waffles with butter and syrup or maybe a bit like stokers butternut chew.While this will not give you a buzz it was great for beginners. It's got a fairly unique flavor that to me has more of the tobacco tones of fine cigars and not so much sweetener.

I once tried a tin of rum flavor Skoal and I got it for dirt cheap. Best tobacco-free dip? I'm lucky if they have a pack left.This is a loose leaf tobacco brand which comes in a wintergreen and original. Quality leaf combined with a sweet long lasting flavor always satisfies.Levi Garrett was my Grandfather's chew of choice. You can have one tucked into your cheek at a meeting, no cup required. A major league outfielder agrees to email me to explain the love affair—as long as I don't use his name. I’ve never been a fan of chewing tobacco.

This morning, I woke up, checked the time on my iPhone, and then, while still in bed, tucked a snus into my upper lip. It's my only chew.I've been chewing Red Man since I was a teenager, I'm 67 now. It may have been a bad tin but until a quality Skoal tin ...Was a Copenhagen straight guy for a long time then switched to wintergreen. Tried many other brands including plugs, twist, and even cans of dip which I've never cared for. But the preference between the two is obviously Levi.Levi Garrett makes loose leaf tobacco, which comes in a mail pouch and is chewed on rather than sucked on, which makes it different from most of the other brands on this list. That's not to mention a surprising number of finance guys. So who are the six million users?

It has a good length of cut and is a consistent length, as well as being moist and having a Wintergreen flavor comparable to grizzly wintergreen. "Give us a kiss?" I sit in the corner and quietly spit my chunky tobacco juice into a thermos. "You're not going to fall asleep with tobacco in your mouth, no matter how many years you've been chewing it." I like the mint flavor a lot, complements the snus flavor well.Ända snusen som fungerar på denna hemska lista, bort med all amerikansk skit och in med det riktiga!

Couple years ago I got really stressed out at work and a coworker offers me there can of Skoal extra mint and I was a Skoal man for a while. Around here it is reasonably cheaper than Levi or Redman which is kind of weird as I've always thought it to be just as popular(but considerably harder to find).

I've had them all, and Cope is still the best. Can't say I was very impressed with it, but it was something different and I'm sure there are those out their that enjoyed that kind of flavor in a dip. I work at one of those shared offices where a bunch of twenty-two-year-olds are beta-testing new social-media platforms while downing bok choy smoothies and discussing yoga studios. Then, I noticed my brother had been doing Skoal Mint pouches for quite some time, so I tried one.

She goes to the kitchen and hands me a glass. I do believe if I ever offered this snuff to a friend, it would cost me a friendship.. That goes for all of its flavors.

Of course my answer was "heck yeah". I get two bags for around $6 great long lasting flavor.

They said it was comparable to Copenhagen LC in flavor. He is very disappointed.

It's been a month. Her eyes widen. share. I can't stop smiling, like a demented flight attendant. But that is just based on personal taste preference. I don't need to be a slave to another. I've tried every brand known to man and nothing holds a light to Stoker's Wintergreen.

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