Good luck!Hi.

Baby plants should start popping up once your plant has had some time to mature and adjust to its location in your home.The easiest way to propagate Pilea peperomioides is by using plantlets that grow from the mother plant’s roots.

You can try, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing this, stem propagation or using plantlets is the way to go.You’re advice is most excellent. For the top part that has no roots, go to the article on propagating Pilea peperomioides to find out how to re-root it. Good luck!Hello, I have had my pilea for around a year and only just discovered that baby plants could be removed and propagated in this way. The question that comes up a lot regarding Pilea propagation is if you can I have heard stories of people who said to have success with it. I am more of a water and forget it plant person.Hey! I did a tiny and I mean tiny bit of fertilizer (for succulents and cacti) diluted, but that hasn’t made a difference either. They pop up from the soil and are ready to use once they have a few leaves of their own.Because root plantlets already have a root system of their own the only thing you have to do is sever their connection to the mother plant’s roots using a sharp and clean knife. If the baby plant already has roots, you can put it straight into some moist soil. and the plantlet was broken off at the base during the fall.

The mother plant is fine.

Thank you for sharing.A few leaves broke off my Pilea when removing some pups. As far as I know, you can’t grow a new Pilea plant from a single leaf. I was in the same situation with a small Pilea.

Good luck!Hello!

My plant has a few now. I’m afraid if I just leave them in the water and don’t do anything they might die, but so far they seem to be getting bigger.

Maybe wait to see if leaves develop somewhere to guide me?

Always ready to ruin houseplant fun, haha. Do I have to dig down into the soil to get their roots out?

Its like 10 inches tall. What does your propagation station look like?

Thank you. Something like a 4″ plastic nursery pot should be perfect!

If you were to make a purchase through one, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I don’t see any roots growing and assume I just need to be patient, but could you give me an idea of how long this might take on average?

Can you propagate Pilea from a leaf? Many houseplants drop their lower leaves as they grow. Where are the babies located?

Each leaf is teeny tiny! But i pulled them at about that size.. is there still a chance i can successfully water propogate them and be able to plant them??

Yours should have nice established root systems so as long as you try to conserve those they should likely do fantastically on their own. Can you propagate Pileas from a single leaf or stem cuttings?

Is there a certain age the plant has to be to start propagation?Hi Edie!

I’ve had no luck with the plantlets yet, so I have tried the leaf cutting and successfully got roots. Take Hey!

Are you providing light as described in the post? I had a root plantlet that was ready to be cut off and repotted when my parent plant was knocked off the table (ugh, cats!) You’ll have no problem propagating the cuttings without it though, especially when they’re placed in a nice warm spot. Otherwise, the plant looks healthy!Hi! I put those leaves in a glass of water and they made roots in about three weeks.

What do you think caused the plantlet to die and could it sprout more leaves on the root that is sticking out of the soil?

Have you managed to figure it out yet? I think not enough light might be my problem…Hmm, yes, lack of plantlets does sound like the plant might not be getting enough light.

It was such a beauty.You should be able to re-root it no problem!

Pilea like a light and bright spot, but not to be sat in direct light as this can scorch the plants leaves.

I call that one my Teen Mom Pilea.

Although Pilea peperomioides can be propagated through stem cuttings, there is not much reason to do so.

Pilea peperomioides propagation from a single leaf - YouTube I meant that i have had no plantlets yet, so i’ve been trying to propagate from the leaves in lieu of the plantlets. One question from a rookie. I’ve never seen anyone do that with Pileas but I suppose it could be helpful, or at least not harmful, as long as you watch carefully for fungus. It is called also Friendship plant because it propagates very easily from its roots and stems.

I live in an old, plant-filled home with my husband and a six year old son.I love talking about plants and showing you that taking care of indoor plants can be easy and very rewarding.How to make Pine Cone Elves for Christmas | DIY Tutorial It took 8 months to start popping up new leaves, 4 months later its now a year old and it has sprouted 5 pups all at once. Hey!

Unfortunately that won’t regrow a new leaf, so it’ll start dying off eventually. I feel like the leaf might root, but not sure if the petiole will actually produce a new plant. I don’t actually know if Pilea peperomioides propagates from single leaves.

As far as my experiences go, the leaves won’t die from being underwater (just as they don’t die from being buried in soil as they’d normally be).

... Hey!

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