Leave your chickens in a space where you have a bug problem and within a few hours you will have a pest free area and have fed your chickens an abundance of protein rich food!Place chickens on top of a mulch pile and they will spread it for you within hours.Leave chickens in an area long enough and they will till the ground for you. Our neighbor with a dozen adult chicken and a hundred half grown chickens let the adults free range. [Here are a few more plants that can be valuable to sow in your chicken area for extra protein and more calories. Buckets within buckets for a watering system due to heat and evaporation here in Florida and the chickens can not dig into the roots that way.Also I have researched ways to keep them out of places such as spiked netting in the boarders or plants for them within a large coop with wire chicken mesh over a wooden frame over the seedlings for chickens. But it’s better than that! The leaves and petals are particular favorites of the chickens and ducks, and I toss them the spent blossoms, or they eat them as they fall. In addition, it’ll help calm the hens while nesting.The wild plants won’t be a hard deal; yet, chickweed could be an extra food since it provides vitamins and minerals while it’s also good source of nutrition. My husband and I are new to raising chickens. In addition, the plants will make the coops look prettier; because chicken pens do not have to be dry and ugly. That can prove to be difficult, but not impossible. Giving your flock access to highly nutritious chicken-friendly plants can be an easy way for you to consume the benefits of the plants as well.Before we get into highlighting specific chicken-friendly plants individually, here is a full list.Having culinary and medicinal herbs right outside your chicken coop provides your chickens with easy access to these chicken-friendly plants, while also making it convenient for you to add oregano or rosemary to your morning omelet.Here is a list of herbs to plant in or around your chicken coop:Perennial plant rich in protein, potassium, and calcium. The chickens still eat the bottom two feet or so of leaves, but if you can cage the bushes until they are taller, the bushes will flourish. I am a new be to chickens. All of these vines can be staked and trained to grow where desired.

But, the crop might require lots of room for growing and kind of hard to grow depending on where you live. If you’ve had chickens for long, you probably have noticed that they eat They peck and scratch at the soil and eat every last bit of our kitchen scraps and leftovers.Letting your chickens free-range, or giving them access to plenty of natural vegetation and/or rotating their grazing parameters, is the key to happy chickens and healthy eggs.While also being more cost-effective than a diet consisting mostly of store-bought chicken feed, giving your hens a diverse menu of chicken-friendly plants to choose from greatly increases the nutritional benefits of a single egg.Here on our homestead, we’ve recently reintroduced our hens to having free range of the yard and within a week we noticed a difference in the quality of the eggs they were laying.The shells were thicker, the yolk was brighter, and the eggs were tastier (our chickens were happier too!

we love them as pets and they lay even in winter. Plants for a Trellis That Are Nonpoisonous to Humans & Pets. How wrong I was ! chicken lay eggs and get old then you butcher them and eat the chicken. Depending on the climbing variety you chose, you can expect a mature rose bush up to 6 feet wide and 20 feet tall. I guess maybe we should buy our plants larger…maybe 1/2 grown or something. Try them picked fresh from the garden, sliced with salt and pepper and placed in a bit of red wine vinegar with a splash of water. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Here’re are 15 things you can grow as chicken food.

Hops are not toxic to chickens as they are to dogs. I can tell you this. But, why not plant ones around the coops for the chickens while it’s good for the flock?Growing plants around the coops can be very useful since it would eliminate the cost of your chicken feed. I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for creating a gorgeous run for your chickens. This vine is very simple to grow. Probably you know many things for free range that i i will try soon.Excellent research…don’t worry about cholesterol. Today I’m sharing my top 8 perennial and annual vines that are chicken safe, hardy, and delicious for both you and your flock. The vine have some leaves ... Gourds. 4) Lavender: Lavandula species. But you’ll have to protect them until they are at least two feet high.Before you release your chickens into the abundance of your backyard or decide to plant a garden specifically for your chickens, there are a few plants you should know about.Unlike other livestock animals, chickens have a keen sense in knowing what plants are poisonous and what plants are good for them. Clover is high in protein but can withstand traffic and stress very well. Here is a short video I took, a sort of quick run tour, to show you some other things I have planted around the run. However, the rewards of growing roses on your chicken coop can be breathtaking.

The vines grow quickly and the large leaves provide excellent shade for my run during the hot months. If you are looking to supplement their feed, Millet and Sunflowers growing beside the coop will provide extra treats.

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