After moving to Hawaii, he told me his wife, Mollie, and son, Peter, became estranged and made off with his money." I also met Caitriona Balfe and gave her snapshots of my mother and described her as best as I could,” Miles and his wife, Patti Montgomery Miles, of Somerset, have a daughter, Jaime Miles.Jaime and her then-fiance, Jeff Moore, were among the 33 couples, both straight and gay, who got You might remember that historic moment, when Queen Latifah officiated the wedding of the 33 couples, including Jeff and Jaime.
Jones attempted to get some answers from the likes of Carroll Shelby, who, when asked about Miles at the Monterey Historics, reportedly dropped a plate of food in shock and refused to speak about the issue. "As for this guy being Ken even Jones has reservations. Peter was a month shy of his 15th birthday when he witnessed his father die in a fiery crash.
As seen in Ford v Ferrari , a young Peter, who idolized his dad, and car designer Carroll Shelby were at Riverside Raceway in Southern California on August 16, 1966. Ford v. Ferrari seems to abruptly show Ken Miles' deadly car crash.

"Based on the pictures of Miles that I could find, the ear lobes didn't match. "The ear lobes bothered me, as did the fact that he wore his watch on the wrong hand, according to the pictures of the real Ken Miles. However, the crash did not stop him, and he soon recovered from his injury … If he is (or was) the real Ken Miles, who all historians believe was born November 1,1918, in Sutton Coldfield, England, and is still living, he would be 84 years old.

Madonna, Mary Lambert, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis sang at the wedding. And, apparently, Peter Miles and the other parents were upset that Jeff and Jaime tied the knot without family there.Jeff Moore shared the news on social media the day of the Grammy’s broadcast, asking people to tune in. Last year, he posed in the  GT40 his father drove at Le Mans in 1966.Peter Miles and his daughter, Jaime in Ken Miles' GT40 which he drove at LeMans in 1966Peter Miles, who published a photobook on his father, also helped Christian Bale get into character for the “I gave Christian Bale info about my dad from press clippings and magazine articles, and I showed him personal photos and shared audio recordings with him. "He claimed to have been given a couple of million dollars by Ford to disappear," recalls Jones. He didn't seem to have an English accent, except for a few phrases, and his memory was spotty. Otherwise, we operate outside the nutball world of the Whitney Houstons, Martha Stewarts, Lizzie Grubmans, Snoop Doggs, Tonya Hardings, Mike Tysons, and the bevy of silk-suited mountebanks and bunco artists who ran Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, etc.

He was there for 14 years, before moving to Precision Performance Inc. in 1986.Peter Miles is a significant presence at car shows, especially in California. Others insisted he was dead, even decapitated. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. The movie never explains what happened, skipping to Shelby visiting Peter and Mollie a few weeks after Ken’s death.The accident is believed to have been due to a mechanical failure, not driver error.It was only in 2019 that Peter Miles revealed that he has gone back to Le Mans since 1965; the last time he went there was with his father.Peter Miles kept his father’s love for motorsports alive in his own life.After his father’s tragic death, young Peter went to work for his father’s friend Dick Troutman at the Troutman and Barnes custom car shop in Culver City, CA. Extensive research suggests that star race driver Ken Miles might have survived the reported fatal crash at Riverside on August 17, 1966.Face it, the world of automobiles is relatively tepid compared with the steamier realms of the entertainment biz with its rapper firefights and Anna Nicole's idiocy or even Wall Street's high-rolling crooks or big-time pro jocks' constant screw-ups with John Law. But the guy was not a huckster. Bale was looking to remain as faithful as possible to my father.

In the late '80s, Jones retired from police work. Frankly, I think there was a cover-up.

His birth name is Kenneth Henry Miles. But the mystery fascinates for two reasons: Why would he not have come forward after years in seclusion to claim his rightful place in the motorsports world? Based on his infirmities when Jones and others last saw him, he very likely would be in terrible health.Most experts close to the story think that Miles No.2 is or was a hoaxer.

"Since Jones dropped his investigation in the early '90s, the man whose driver's license reads Kenneth Henry Miles has moved—with a son, Kyle, born in 1977—to his last known address at 14341 Creosote Road in Gulfport, Mississippi . He was living in Pebble Beach, where he had accumulated a large collection of Cobras and Ford race cars. Yet he seemed to know a great deal about Cobras and Shelby American. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. "He said they didn't want a badly injured survivor of one of their car crashes to be in public. Phil Remington, Shelby's aide-de-camp during the Cobra wars, vehemently claimed that Miles had been killed, as did Shelby driver Bob Bondurant.So exactly what is going on here?

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