As we accelerate, there is a great amount of torque applied to the rear axle housing, and dirt car manufacturers have designed several systems to take advantage of that force. The setup for wet and sloppy versus dry slick is on two polar opposite ends of the spectrum. %���� Mechanical affects, such as Ackermann, could be more beneficial on dirt than on asphalt, but again only to a small degree.Alignment issues present just as serious a drawback for a dirt car as with an asphalt car.
To help in our discussion, we reached out to legendary dirt track racer, race school instructor, and technical representative at Before we get too involved in the topic, a simple clarification is in order. That can be said for us all.Brian Birkhofer, runner-up in the competitive Xtreme Dirt Car Series in 2003, states, "There is a changing of the guard happening at the end of this year [2003]. With most setups, the left front has the stiffest spring and right rear the softest spring, so the rear right is loaded for maximum traction and the car transitions from tight to neutral handling. Street Stock Tech. << Setting the J-BAR ---- to free the set-up. Lowering the link decreases drive out of the corner, while raising the upper link improves acceleration out of the corner. Racing Forums. It takes major know-how to keep up with the suspension trends in Dirt Racing today. Among the most popular systems are the pull bar and the lift arm. You must be willing to make rapid changes to meet the requirements of the racing surface. /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] Pull bars and other links help control the speed and amount of driveshaft movement that is allowed.The driveshaft angle is also a consideration, and you can’t run too great of a driveshaft angle otherwise the U-joints will bind. A setup for a wet sloppy track typically uses a low ride height, with front spring rates set high.

>> Just look at the top touring late-model cars and you’ll often see much less rear steer.

Less equally loaded rear tires mean less traction off the corners.We would soften the right-side springs to help the front turn and the rear to promote traction off the corners.

You can see it and our entire library with your subscription to check your lift arm spring (5th coil setup) is sraight up and down when viewed from the back and the side. I really don’t like changing the bar lengths or the bar angles. ��#�JYJ�˶���T�ki%ё�����3̙sp����.Y&K%��tzz}�����8Eyx�8���������o�cuh��X5E��P�"������n�?>�ӓ�O�C�+��Ӄ��{�o��5�o/�|�iy�����ׯbɫ�_���;;t9��

This article is all about dirt car setup and nothing else. /Type /Catalog 2004 Warrior Underrail - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4. When the rearend articulates, moving one wheel ahead of the other, the movement is translated through control arms to the chassis.If both of the wheels move fore or aft the same amount, the effect is not noticed and referred to as zero rear steer. The rear steer is going to be limited on how much your car rolls over. As you increase the angle, the drive for the right rear tire will improve. It's no wonder that the pole car seldom wins.The routine for setting up a dirt car should start in the shop. Obviously, this has a limited effect on helping a car corner at race speeds on a dirt track. This has a big influence how quickly the car’s rear steer settings respond in a corner. Understanding what type of rear suspension, and how to adjust the suspension to dial in the amount of rear steering for different track conditions is the final part of rearend suspension tuning.The whole idea behind rear steer is to keep as much tire contact on the ground as possible during cornering.

The bar may even be mounted on the right side of the chassis for more consistency. 3 0 obj After all, the top teams have definitely learned, they make the adjustments, and, best of all, they win often. He covers rod lengths, angles, indexing, double stack configuration, plates, and more in this in-depth video on how the changes in … The birdcage is a big influence on bar length and where the bars mount. It is when one wheel moves fore or aft more than the other that cornering becomes easier or more difficult.

The frontends are wedges that scoop the oncoming air up and over the car. Topic: lift bar spring rate: showtime13 Dirt Full Roller Total posts: 60 posted October 02, 2005 12:24 PM Do you get more traction with a stiffer spring on the lift bar when the track gets dry/slick?

Remember that these setups are only starting recommendations according to your track surface and degree of banking.

>> DIRT LATE MODEL SETUP SHEETS 1999-2000 & Earlier Warrior 4-Bar - Page 1.

What used to be standard setups are a thing of the past for the top teams competing in dirt late models, modified, and even the stock classes.The dirt car Moment Center design is different than that of an asphalt car.

The exit portion of the track provides little traction and most corners are usually more flat.

Rear spring rates are higher and shock valving is stiffer as well to maximum traction and improve handling.By contrast, the dry slick setup is completely different. For the most part, we'll present information about the Late Model designs, but much information can be utilized by all dirt racers, from Stocks to Modifieds.Know as much as you can about your front end geometry, and don't be afraid to change things to make it better. In this video Tader Masters talks about the left Rear 4 Link. This prevents a condition in which the LR (as well as the RF) ends up with a high weight while the RR supports very little weight. The car exhibits tight handling, so the rearend is adjusted to enhance cornering. The higher the banking, the farther the moment center can be located to the right in the car. The more equally loaded a pair of tires is, the more available traction.This does not work in the case of a setup that lifts the LF tire off the ground. The car’s handling in corners will become looser or tighter depending on the rear steer created by this movement.

"Racers these days are more technology minded," says Billy Moyer, one of the top dirt Late Model drivers over the past 20 years.

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