As far as temp's go mine had a hot spot of high 80's and low temp side in the mid 70's. I agree they do prefer substrate to burrow into, I use only aspen shavings or brown contractors paper for all of my snakes. If you don't regularly have other snake-comfortable people around, you might want to think hard about how big/strong you are willing to go.As a not small or weak female (I'm a metalworker, so excellent hand/arm strength), I would still want a spotter around any time I was handling any boa/python over about 4 to 6 feet long, just in case. They can be hissy/snappy as babies, but that's not exactly all that uncommon. And use long tongs to feed frozen/thawed with. As adults, they need the usual... an enclosure tailored to meet their needs in regards to thermoregulation etc. I figured I could handle getting a baby that grows up being a large Dumeril's, but winding up with a large BCC/BCI might be more than I bargained for.My Dumeril's is a very striking snake to look at, and she has been very docile thus far. I'm sure Red Tails make incredible pets too, but I was drawn to the Dumeril's due to their somewhat smaller potential size and their relatively unique color patterning. Be forewarned though, each of these animals is a 20+ year commitment and requires exceptional dedication and patience as well as the capability to show them the care necessary to raise one of them.I think burms would get too large for me to interact with on my own. Thanks again :) Then I would agree with the RTB. They tend to have be a bit food aggressive too so be very careful once your baby gets some size. 2017 AVAILABLE. I am a fairly novice snake keeper, I have one ball python that I purchased in September 2010. Start socializing with your new baby dumerils a few times a week, leave alone a day prior and 2 days after feeding. He's not head shy at all, and puts up with me bothering him really well. My other 2 adults (male & female) are always fine and have been used around children in an educational setting. Like others have said all snakes/animals have their own personalities and all. My adult Sinaloan Kingsnakes can actually be a little tricky to remove from my wrist with just my other hand any time they get nervous and decide to tighten down while I'm holding them, and kings don't have the kind of heft and muscle a boa of the same length packs.All that said, if I was offered a free Dumeril's, I'd go for it. Both boa constrictors and Dumeril's boa will be slow growers, too, so you'll have plenty of time to grow with them, and properly fed it will take 4+ years for a boa constrictor to get to a size larger than 6', if they're meant to get bigger than that. If you buy in your state it's still legal to own under the current regulations of the lacy act. They're ground dwellers, like most heavy bodied boids, so in terms of similarity of care to a ball, you're not gonna be too far off.I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to adequately care for a Dumerils if you're ok with the size they reach and willing to put in the usual time and effort with research etc. And I'm sure your dads' friend will help you pick out the right baby for you. Home Available Snake Feed Reptile Cages Reptile Racks Bins & Heating About Us Testimonial ... BALL PYTHONS: Albino. Ssspencer the reptile kid 17,783 views. Dumeril's aren't known for being difficult so as long as you are willing to learn you'll be fine.Dumeril's do like to burrow, I keep mine at the same temps as my red-tails but quite a few of the ones I have seen are not very social. If you have any further information in the resolution of your problem, please post it here so that others may learn from it. Kind of like keeping bloods, they aren't really mean, just kind of cranky.Pidak Reptiles- Ok, I'm sure there are plenty of people who can elaborate on the following further, but here it is as I understand it.Like I said, that's just how I understand it and, although boas are definitely my snake of choice, I certainly don't profess to be an expert.... yet ;DAnother "smaller" Boa worth checking out is the Peruvian Longtailed Boa, they avg.

I currently have a corn snake and two rosy boas. My buddy's dad breeds many snakes and he offered me a free baby dumerils boa… I was wondering if they are much harder to take care of than a ball python, and also how much larger they truly grow. I really love there cryptic coloration and pattern. He's just got a long reach so I have to keep a close eye on him when he's inside.Both boa constrictors and Dumeril's boa will be slow growers, too, so you'll have plenty of time to grow with them, and properly fed it will take 4+ years for a boa constrictor to get to a size larger than 6', if they're meant to get bigger than that. Ever since he hit 6' he's been pretty lazy and I might have seen him leave his hide 3 times in the past 4 months. How to Quickly Tame/Socialize Your Pet Snake with Multiple Examples - Duration: 14:45. You are not logged in. I've never had one myself but I trust my fellow iHerpers who have :) I say if the size isn't a problem and you do your research you'll be fine. I believe that all animals deserve to be respected and I try to provide the best care that I can for those I share my home with.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. in, or They'll grow to the size their genes dictate. They also for their size are one of the strongest I've seen! Hey tea, is a red tail much different from a dumarils? Sorry 'bout that.This question has had no activity for 14 days and will be closed by an administrator unless the original poster takes action.An administrator will select responses and assign points at their discretion.Original poster, please close this question out and assign points. I'm sure you could handle most boa constrictors by yourself. They don't come up for sale too often though.Between rtb and anything else I would select rtb, however, if you are up to a challenge then go for burms. Dumeril's are great, I have bred them in the past. I have seen some huge ball pythons that were probally in the range og close to 6ft!

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