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12.5V has been reached.In order to be able to measure the open-circuit voltage, you should wait for approx. In terms of rechargeable batteries, shelf life refers to how long the battery can sit before needing a charge or expiring. Les piles Duracell Ultra durent jusqu'à 100% plus longtemps**performance de longévité comparée à la Durée Moyenne Minimum du test standard IEC 2015 pour les piles de format AA sur les Appareils Photos Numériques. All rights reserved. Keeping opened batteries with other metal objects like coins, keys, paper clips, nails, can lead to potential short-circuiting of the batteries which will raise temperatures and put the batteries at a greater risk of leakage. How to Read US Battery Date Codes Flooded Lead Acid: For flooded lead acid batteries, the date code is stamped using two letters and a number. The second character of the code is a numeral that stands for the year. Make sure your batteries are always in tip-top condition by consulting our expiration guide. 3 per cent must be expected and the cooler the storage, the smaller the self-discharge.There are also chargers that automatically maintain the charge (all Banner Accuchargers). If you have maintained your cells well, you can expect it to last longer than five years. At 20°C, monthly self-discharge of approx. Otherwise it is possible that the vehicle electronics will suffer irreversible damage due to excessive on-board power supply voltage.The "Europa type" Duracell Advanced (total height 175 or 190mm) have their central degassing vent on either the left-hand side (- terminal) or on the right-hand side (+ terminal).

Thus, a code starting 'A2' indicates that the battery was shipped in January 1992; 'B2' indicates February 1992, and so on. In the worst case the installed control units could be destroyed by overvoltages, the resulting damage would be enormous!As soon as the engine is running, the vehicle's charging system ensures that the energy taken from the battery is recharged and supplies all other electrical loads.Namely to supply the various electrical consumers with energy when the vehicle is stationary, the engine is not running (stops) and the complete on-board power supply including the next starting process must still be ensured!This means that the technology and components of a start/stop battery differ significantly from those of a conventional starter battery.Do not install a conventional wet battery in a vehicle with a start/stop function that is equipped with an AGM* or EFB** battery as standard. Battery date codes are typically four or five digits in length. You can take comfort in a … However, storing a battery in a temperature that is too cold can also adversely affect the chemical components within the battery. AC Delco/Global date code KS2K14, the bolded letters are the important ones, 2K is November 2012, ie 14/11/2012 KJ9D03, this is April 2009, ie 03/04/2009 Cookies are used for user guidance and web analysis and help to make this website better and more user-friendly.Duracell is a registered trademark of Duracell Batteries BV and Duracell U.S. Operations, Inc., used under license. The discharge of the battery is probably due to a high quiescent current requirement (>20mA) of the vehicle.Charge the battery fully with an external charger (voltage limited to approx. For example, A2 = January, 2012, B8 = February, 2008. Duracell CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries are not only dependable, they’re also long-lasting. Fits Duracell Extreme EFB The ideal battery for medium/small cars and LCV that have only basic stop-start features.

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