Last Longer than Crickets! Two sweet 6 month old female rats.

Although there are many frozen feeder companies out there, nothing beats having breeders locally.

Very sweet temperament tested dumbo rats up for adoption!

Mammoth Rats 3 count $14.25 / $4.75 per rodent.

Perfect for smaller predators. Qu Detroit, Michigan » Rats $2.00: Harley, Silvermane, other fancy rats [rockcityexoticsllc] We are a breeder of exotic pets in the Detroit area. Two male rats up for rehoming, they are the sweetest babies ever. Feeder rats, feeder mice, feeder Dubia roaches and even feeder quail – we’re always expanding and adding quality feeders and supplies for your exotic pets.With no monthly membership costs and low fees, selling onIf you have any issues with a particular store, please contact them directly through their page. Frozen Rats… As large as small mice. We are Rat Rat Rattery. is your dependable source for frozen feeder rats whether you’re wanting fuzzy rats, pup rats, weaned rats, small rats, large rats, or even double or triple extra-large frozen feeder rats.

Large amount ASF rats available for feeders or breeders.

Frozen rodents are also ideal for raptors (birds of prey) as they eat rats and mice in the wild. Guaranteed frozen arrival! We are a breeder of exotic pets in the Detroit area. Because Layne Labs cares about animal health and nutrition the rats …

Our rats… Qu More Cost Effective Than Crickets!Great for Lizards and Don't Stink or Die Like Crickets!Perfect for Geckos and Ts! We …

They were born March 25th. Rats are easily tamed pets that thrive on interaction and bond with their pet parent. N

I will only adopt out in 2 or Males and females, all colors.

Very sweet and social. Weaned, so they can be pets or feeders. Some snake owners may be concerned that rats … Feeders are frozen or live. The white rat is a siamese rat and the other two are dumbo rats they are sisters and I don

They are rescues because Rats …

CritterBoss - Your growing one-stop shop for feeder rats, feeder mice, feeder dubias and more!

Otherwise, please feel free to contact is. Layne Labs feeder rats are quickly and humanely euthanized, individually flash frozen then counted into re-closeable freezer bags to be shipped right to your door.

Our rats and mice have been extensive $30 per box shipping U.S. ... Jumbo Rats 5 count $2.00 SALE!

Great feeders!Adult Mice frozen or live.

Males and females, all colors.

33% OFF $10.00 / $2.00 per rodent.

No known tumor issues in bloodlines. … That is why we strive to raise and produce top quality feeders that offer the best nutrition to your growing animals and pets.

Large amount ASF rats available for feeders or breeders. Colossal Rats 5 count $17.50 / $3.50 per rodent. Frozen Rats For Sale Perfect Prey is a leading supplier of frozen feeder rats, which are ideal for reptile breeders and pet snake owners. Although there are many frozen feeder companies out there, nothing beats having breeders locally.’s mission is to bring you quality breeders in your immediate area, all over the USA. No mega colon, no teeth problems. Both rats are very sweet and easy to hold. Come from a Great feeders!All Sizes, Large and Small from Breeders to newborns.Males or Females. I have 4 male and 3 Female rats. Underground Reptiles supplies some of the best feeder mice and rats for sale including pinkies, fuzzys, hoppers and adult mice.

Baby dumbo ratties! Temperament tested.

#preferred) We have recently re-located to Muskegon, MI and are tr

We have dwarf size as well as st Get Coupons Codes and Online Deals delivered straight to your Inbox.

Our rats …

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