Though the modern American Bandog is a diverse mix of many breeds, Swinford is largely credited for its conception.Modern hybrids and crosses between various Mastiff and Pit Bull type dogs are referred to as American Bandogs. Game Bred Bandogs has 3,068 members. Their heightened prey drive and physical profile make them mission capable, even over extreme terrain and hard conditions. The ancient Molossian people kept dogs of two distinct types, a broad muzzled hunting dog and a large fierce dog for guarding livestock. Game Bred Bandogs hat 3.009 Mitglieder. There they were interbred with regional dogs to create the various early European Mastiff types. Each Florida Sentinel is evaluated for his or her best primary role“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”Apex protection, catch and companionship dogs. Wenn du auf unsere Website klickst oder hier navigierst, stimmst du der Erfassung von Informationen durch Cookies auf und außerhalb von Facebook zu. The migration to the Americas also brought with it the bulldog terrier crosses. Despite their imposing appearance, Florida Sentinel Bandogs are quite affectionate with their family and packmates. These dogs were bred for a wide range of duties including protection, warring, hunting and blood sports. The bloodlines were English Mastiff and American Pit Bull Terrier. After generations of neglect, the Bandog had been recreated and restored with drive, athleticism and longevity. Performance tested Bandogs bred … No matter the quarry, wild hogs, coyotes and other vermin are no match for the speed, strength and tenacity of these dogs.

Game Bred.Be the first to hear about a future breeding and register for available puppiesIf a PoL is not reserved, M2 and/or F2 will default to first selectionAll additional puppy selections are according to sex, date of 50% deposit and availabilityFull 50% Deposit Required to reserve spot in selection order. Family Companion Guardians.

The name Bandog and Bandogge are interchangeable and only different in spelling per the era of the English language. Deposits are refunded if a reserved selection becomes unavailable.Laser surgery uses a highly focused beam that efficiently vaporizes and cauterizes tissue, which greatly reduces discomfort, eliminates scarring and improves recovery.Puppies will be family reared and professionally trained to specified level prior to homing.Additional 50% Deposit is required.

The name Bandogge is simply from the Olde English spelling of this highly regarded class of working dog. Florida Sentinel Bandog Males Shoulder Height: 24-29" Florida Sentinel Bandog Females Shoulder Height: 23-26" While size does matter, too much mass severely limits the speed, agility, stamina and longevity of a working dog.

Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst, findest du hier: Es gab ein Problem bei der Bearbeitung dieser Anfrage. Conversely, dogs too small in size are less capable of man-stopping or catching big game.

Their heightened prey drive and physical profile make them mission capable, even over extreme terrain and hard conditions. Wir arbeiten daran, den Fehler so bald wie möglich zu beheben. There are not uniform standards as the American Bandog is a description for a type of working dog, not a specific identifiable breed. For nearly sixty years, the Swinford Bandog aka American Bandog has been the closest thing to that "super mastiff" vision.Protective and territorial, uneasy with strangers, dominant, civil aggressionPalpable prey drive, eager to hunt and work, relentless energy and high staminaLoyal pack members, formidable and vigilant, less game or working potential Each puppy is health tested and ready for service. Follow all of Facebook's "Community Standards" when posting on Game Bred Bandogs. During the conquests of the Roman Empire, Molossian War Dogs were deployed across Western Europe to countries like modern day Italy, France, Spain and England.

Without going into extensive history about a Bandog in short it is a cross between a Pitbull x Mastiff.

The Olde World Mastiff dogs had been bred with a more limber and versatile Bulldog stock. Mastiff bite force and American Pit Bull Terrier athleticism make the Florida Sentinel Bandog the embodiment of a catch dog.To a Florida Sentinel Bandog the family and pack are one. Mastiff bite force and American Pit Bull Terrier athleticism make the Florida Sentinel …

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