The show often features chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, another s… It felt great. We've got the first interview with Rocco DiSpirito, who took home top honors this week.The newest Guy’s Grocery Games Superstar champion Rocco DiSpirito won the title from former reigning champ Alex Guarnaschelli after five weeks of intense competition. I didn’t know what to expect. "They're true evil." Justin Warner.

Instagram. The winning chef can collect up to $20,000 in a shopping spree bonus round. In the third leg of the Guy's Grocery Games: Superstars Tournament, the remaining six chefs are all given the same grocery list, but must compete in three one-on-one battles to see who makes the best breakfast, lunch or dinner. Feed a crowd with our recipes for the ultimate game-night snacks and nibbles.What do you call a cheese that isn't yours? The good thing about risotto is the rice is supposed to be undercooked, so if it ended up undercooked, it wouldn’t be a big deal, they would have just thought I was a genius cook.

Guy's Superstar Grocery Games: Finale The final four culinary superstars face three rounds of Guy Fieri's most epic games yet, as decided by the never-before-seen Wheel of Games.

That was my biggest worry.

You could perform heart surgery or a major organ transplant with his knives. Every Wednesday on Guy's Grocery Games, ... "The games are diabolical," proclaimed judge and superstar winner Rocco DiSpirito. They’re true evil. All rights reserved. Exclusive: One-on-One with the Winner of Food Network StarExclusive: One-on-One with the Winner of Food Network StarExclusive: One-on-One with the Winner of Food Network Star KidsAnnouncing the Winner of America's Best Cook — Exclusive Interview Risotto is so delicious  that you’ll be forgiven for just about anything if you make someone risotto.If you go to Italy and eat Italian food, you’ll probably lose weight, because they already eat very healthfully. My strategy was to pay attention, make sure not to piss off Guy Fieri, and try to stay alive until the next episode.I hated every one of those games.

I still think there was a trick played on me.

Winner of Food Network Styar, Season 8 Justin is Food Network's Culinary Rebel — and a regular at Flavortown Market.

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