Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999.

Other articles where History of the Indies is discussed: Bartolomé de Las Casas: The Apologética and the Destrucción: …introduction to his masterpiece, the Historia de las Indias. Murray attempts to analyze how stories written in hypermedia alter traditional narrative structures. Used to put together material to help students think about what they are looking at.Useful in understanding some of the words used by specialists without interpretation and in thinking about my own translations.An excellent introduction to Malinche and her role in the conquest of Mexico.An expanded version of her earlier essay that appeared in Compares Spanish and indigenous accounts of the conquest. Especially important were his descriptions of the Valley of Mexico, particularly Tenochtitlan, and his explanations for the actions he took.A readily available translation of Cortés’s long letters to Charles V sometimes explaining his actions and in many cases describing the vast wealth and civilization he found in the Valley of Mexico, especially in Tenochtitlan.A French translation of Cortés’s letters to Charles V, which may have been based on the Spanish edition I used.Díaz del Castillo, a conquistador, was with Cortés when most of the important incidents related to the conquest of Mexico took place.

A group of indigenous people, the Tlaxcalans, who allied with the Spanish and massacred many of the Mexicas themselves, produced eighty paintings published in the mid-sixteenth century in a manuscript called The challenges of using these rich but controversial sources to construct history are enormous, yet this is the stuff history is made of.

He claims to have used Nahuatl sources that no longer existed in presenting his interpretation of the conquest from the perspective of the Tezcocanos. The excerpt that follows details events on Hispaniola, the Caribbean island first conquered and settled by Spain. My only complaint is that navigation on the site is not especially intuitive. Christianity and Freedom: Historical Perspectives. This latter Codex differs dramatically from the earlier Florentine Codex and rather flatters the Spanish. Where possible, I will try to identify the specific indigenous people who wrote the manuscripts. i, 1492 1655 from the spanish discovery to the british conquest of jamaica. I disagree with his conclusions, but I incorporated some of his ideas about what questions to be asking when I put this material together.An excellent Web site put together by Thomas H. Frederiksen. They surpassed also the English and the French and some of the people of our own Spain; and they were incomparably superior to countless others, in having good customs and lacking many evil ones. Though it was based on Cortés’s papers, it is closer to a secondary source that glorifies Cortés. The colonist would only have rights to a certain portion of the total labor, so that a part of the Indians were always resting and taking care of the sick. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica.Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Useful in thinking about what I am doing in this project.Carefully researched, much of the book is about the author's quest to learn more about Malinche. Motolinía’s given name was Fray Toribio de Benavente. It can still be found in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenzianna in Florence, Italy. Las Casas feared that at the rate the exploitation was proceeding it would be too late to hinder their annihilation unless action were taken rapidly. It was important for Las Casas that this method be tested without meddling from secular colonists, so he chose a territory in the heart of Guatemala where there were no previous colonies and where the natives were considered fierce and war-like.

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