His mother is furious. The big question is Put a beastly troll under a bridge. It is a short children’s story about a Prince’s search for a Princess. He ordered the Sheriff Nottingham to tax the people so heavily that some were forced to become outlaws. This story is a real favourite amongst our readers.This is a funny short bedtime story about a posh rat that lives in London. Our bedtime story of Rapunzel is like no other. She sang so sweetly that a cushat dove flew down from a tree and followed her.Now, it happened that a wolf, a very cruel, greedy creature, heard her song also, and longed to eat her for his breakfast, but he knew Hugh, the woodman, was at work very near, with his great dog, and he feared they might hear Red Riding-Hood cry out, if he frightened her, and then they would kill him. 5 Min Stories; 10 Min Stories; 15 Min Stories; 20+ Min Stories; Type. And have you ever seen a wicked witch in skin-tight Nike yoga pants? In our modern retelling of this famous kids story, a bedraggled maiden turns up at the King’s castle. This is a super funny short story. A house full of bears. So he came up to her very gently and said:“Good day, Little Red Riding-Hood; where are you going?”“To see my grandmother,” said the child, “and take her a present from mother of eggs and butter and cake.”“Oh! Will it make your bedtime reading list tonight?Jack sells his family cow for three measly beans. This boy, named Robin Hood, had one wish, and that was to become a member of the king’s Foresters. Join us in our contemporary retelling of this classic bedtime story for kids. In the most bizarre way. Read our award-winning free bedtime stories, short stories, online story books, fairy tales and rhymes. Home; Stories. So your kids are sure to adore it!This is the hilarious rhyming bedtime story of a boy with the most ludicrously wild hair. One day Prince John was traveling by coach to Nottingham to pick up more tax money. So take your children on a fantastical journey with Simon’s retelling of this classic fairy tale. Will they escape the scheming wolf or get gobbled up? She ran after the white and yellow butterflies that danced before her, and sometimes she caught one, but she always let it go again, for she never liked to hurt any creature.“Where are you going, Little Red Riding-Hood,” said he, “all alone?”“I am going to my grandmamma’s,” said the child.

But he waited a long time.By and by Little Red Riding-Hood reached her grandmother’s house, and tapped at the door.“Come in,” said the wolf, in a squeaking voice. Our Cinderella’s glass slipper is made by none other than Jimmy Choo himself.An all time classic bedtime story for kids retold in magnificent Sooper Books style. Therefore he dressed himself in granny’s nightcap and got into bed, and waited for the child to knock at the door. It has all the elements of a classic fairy tale. Charlene has brought this short story to life wonderfully with her super-cute little pigs and brilliant big bad wolf. Little Red Riding Hood by Miles Kelly. Follow their journey and marvel at Charlene’s super-cute illustrations. And the rhymes and illustrations in this story are definitely not to be missed—especially the highland cow!Mummy goat goes shopping. The illustrations are utterly sublime. Do you think this was a good idea? The rhymes in this poem are simply hilarious. And this wonderfully contemporary retelling of this children’s story classic is certainly not to be missed. This is a magical 5-minute bedtime story, originally brought to fame by Hans Christian Andersen in 1846. But it also delivers a serious message about animal welfare. At the young age of fifteen, there was a boy living in Sherwood forest who could handle a bow and arrow better than any grown man in the village of Nottingham. So this famous children’s story is packed full of fun and certainly not one to be missed. Little Red Riding-Hood and her mother wanted to take a cake to Little Red Riding-Hood’s grandmother because she’d been sick. And, of course, a wicked witch.

Will she make it across? Cancel anytime.Pop in your email for early access to our new stories, fun audiobooks and fab read-along vids. What could possibly go wrong? Your kids will be laughing along with you from start to finish. “Pull the string and the latch will come up.”The wolf did as she told him, went in, and you may think how frightened poor grandmother was when she saw him standing by her bed instead of Little Red Riding-Hood.Very soon the wolf, who was quite hungry after his run, ate up poor grandmother.Indeed, she was not enough for his breakfast, and so he thought he would like to eat sweet Red Riding-Hood also. Will all of the billy goats make it safely across the bridge? So come and join Jack on his wonderful adventure and put some magic into your bedtime.A nosy little girl. Fly around the world in Minecraft FOR 1 YEAR, but every like makes it Faster (World Record) Funny Fire 20,998 watching Live now Add three very cute billy goats of varying sizes. Have you ever looked after someone when they were sick? Didn’t think so. What did you do to help make them feel better? The Prince thinks she might be a Princess. In our modern retelling of this famous kids story, a bedraggled maiden turns up at the King’s castle. This hilarious short rhyming story for kids follows a chicken’s plot for revenge. If Little Red Riding-Hood did not want to tell the Wolf where she was going and what she was doing, what are some good things she might have said to him instead?3. When we came near grandmother’s house my dog Trim sniffed and ran to the door and whined, and then he pushed it open—you had not shut it close—and rushed in, and I followed him, and between us we have killed the wolf.”Then Hugh took the child home, and her mother and father could not thank him enough for saving Little Red Riding-Hood.1. Tiny little kiddy chops that shop at fast food chicken shops. This classic bedtime story is one of our most loved by families all over the world. Your kids will absolutely love this story.Lastly, you can check out all of Charlene & Simon’s wonderful short bedtime stories in this section.Choose from our award-winning Sooper Books original short rhyming stories for kids, including the super-cute A classic bedtime story that has gripped the imagination of children all over the world. And save himself from the Queen’s dungeons? Especially if you love your fashion. Age 0-3; Age 4-6; Age 7-12; Early Readers; Time.

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