My uncle was involved in a 18 wheeler accident but wasnt so lucky. The original number of $750,000 was set 38 years ago and has never increased. This, of course, all depends on buying power. Let's look at an example:After investigating the cases, we also learn that Driver A and Driver B's rear-end accidents occurred at the same spot on the same stretch of interstate on the same day.Additionally, the adverse semi-truck drivers who struck A & B were traveling at the same speed at the time of impact. We fight to win.Keller & Keller has a track record of success. Due to inflation, the original number of $750,000 is now worth over $2 million. "Keller Cares" means we give back to our community. We have worked hard to create our history of success and we are proud of our reputation as hard-hitting, aggressive personal injury attorneys. Why? Insurance policies that insure semi-trucks are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and they don't follow the same rules as policies required for passenger vehicles. "“We are grateful that we got to work with such an amazing team and definitely recommend Keller & Keller to anyone that needs help. Weather conditions were also the same for both accidents, and both semi-truck drivers have the same insurance companies.How do these facts affect the value of the victims' claims?Despite everything we know about drivers A & B, their claims will have different values!Even with all these similarities, it is highly unlikely that driver A & B will undergo the same type of medical treatment for their injuries, respond to treatment in the same manner, or experience the same types of aggravation and frustration in the days and months after their accident.Always have an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer evaluate your specific claim to help determine what your losses may be worth.We've received a number of calls from semi-accident victims who have been told that three times their medical bills is a fair or good settlement.While it's true you might receive three times your medical bills, it's also possible that you'll receive more or less, and the amount will ultimately depend on your attorney's ability to effectively build your case based on your total injuries, wage loss, medical bills, and pain and suffering.Ultimately, a semi-accident victim should never base the value of their claim on any type of formula.The semi-accident injury attorney assigned to your case will typically look at the following three factors when attempting to make a recovery for your claim:Accidents that are extremely severe may leave a client with To help ensure we know the total amount of coverage available, we will immediately notify the insurance company for the semi-truck of our representation. The reason for this is the FMCSA requires semi-trucks to carry much larger minimum policies.There are several factors we take into consideration when coming up with a total value for your semi-truck case, including some of the following:Insurance companies are notorious for wanting to settle accident claims as quickly as possible, and there's no truer example of this than when a semi-truck is involved. According to the Commercial 18-wheelers are huge vehicles. (Always consult with an attorney about your state's negligence laws).Our goal is to place 100% fault on the truck driver to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your case. ""They stick with the whole process and inform you every day if something happens. Home Dallas Truck Accident Attorney Common Truck Accidents Rear-Ended by an 18-Wheeler Truck. The accident is completely out of the driver’s control. Sale products etc.

We have the technology and experience to navigate your case during these times and remain up to date on the status of the courts, and how your case is progressing.

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