Post #8697363. Keep the area moist, but not wet.

Add some well-rotted compost in the planting hole.For growing castor beans in a pot, choose a large container and use potting mix or make it yourself by mixing equal parts of soil, perlite, peat and compost.The soil has to be rich in organic substance and must be well drained much as it does not tolerate water logging. Plant Disposal- After harvesting the seed, farmers break up the stalks and work the residue into the soil.

Clean every piece of your safety gear with bleach to remove any residue. It is fairly easy to grow a castor bean plant. Donahue has been a freelance writer since 2008, focusing his efforts on his beloved construction projects.

Wear garden gloves, long-sleeved shirt and long pants during harvesting castor beans and disposal of plants. Everything about castor bean is bold and a bit audacious, so gardeners with a bit of maverick in them seem to be drawn to this big plant. Dig a hole with your shovel 42 inches deep. Use filtered or purified water instead of tap water.Sow castor seeds 1 inches deep and space the seeds at least 3 feet away. The caster bean plant, Ricinus communis, is a native of tropical Africa and is grown in many gardens in North America for its fabulous large leaves.Here in zone 5 it is an annual that can grow to 5 feet in one season. They are a member of the spurge family which includes poinsettias and euphorbias. This process may disperse toxins into the atmosphere. The seeds can then be planted directly outside, placing three or four seeds per planting hole.Castor bean seeds contain the toxin ricin, which is poisonous even in minute quantities. Keep the soil moist and transplant them to bigger pot or in the garden when the two real leaves emerge.In the garden, space castor plants 3 feet apart.

Cut down stems and leave to rot down. Light the gas grill and place the pot on the grate. Bookmark. Castor bean plants are also poisonous and should not be grown where children or pets play. The caster bean plant itself is not poisonous to humans, but the seeds are. Bagging and sending to the landfill would be my first choice. Select the bean pods as they begin to dry on the plant.

Spikes of green or reddish flowers develop into spiny greenish (to reddish-purple) capsules which split to release large, oval, shiny, bean-like seeds that are very poisonous.Grows vigorously in disturbed areas and spreads easily and quickly.1.

Only attempt this procedure on calm, windless days in a location that is well away from other people or animals.Castor bean plants (Ricinus communis) contain toxic compounds that can be deadly to wildlife, pets and people.

Castor, botanically known as Ricinus communis, is a herbaceous perennial plant. The leaves, seed-heads, and stalk of this tall plant are pretty attractive. Bagging and sending to the landfill would be my first choice. Once the seedlings are 3 to 4 inches tall, thin them to one plant every 8 to 12 inches.Presoaking your castor bean seeds rapidly swells the seed to encourage germination.

This heirloom, large seeded variety has been around since the 1940s. If there are any castor beans seeds soak them in … Destroying the plants can be best accomplished by boiling the entire plant for an extended period to break down the toxins into harmless compounds.Grasp each of the castor bean plants near their stalks and pull them free from the ground.

Wear protective clothing, gloves and … Ripe seeds that have their hull or outer cover removed can be pressed to extract castor oil. It bears very large, deep red leaves, bronze to blood red stems, and red seed pods. The most prominent ones are listed below. Castor bean is a tropical plant that has a high photosynthetic capacity with high humidity (Dai et al.

Either remove the castor plants from the garden with pods or leave them if growing as perennial. The entire pit should be buried as soon as the process is complete. Castor bean plants contain deadly toxins which must be boiled to make them harmless. Step 3. Either remove the castor plants from the garden with pods or leave them if growing as perennial. A good practice is to "nip it in the bud".

For more information about castor seed from land selection to oil processing ,you can add me on whatsapp +2347032165844Hi please help with as much information as iam very much intrested in castor oil farming and please share information on were to sell the castor beans when harvested including the prices and the quality required thanksVery nice information about growing castor plants, but how can I get the seed or seedlingsPls call me on 08030661458.Do u want Indian brown or Brazilian white castor seeds. These impressive plants grow to over 8 feet tall, filling their branches with large, reddish-green leaves. Post #8697363.

Remove seeds for disposal to landfill. 1.

They are called beans because the seeds resembles beans. Castor bean plants can also be burnt directly on an open fire and reduced to ash. Never handle these plants without heavy rubber gloves, safety glasses, a respirator and a disposable protective suit. After 24 hours of soaking, pour off the water and spread the seeds on a paper towel. Planting a castor plant is a great way to add some low-cost tropical touch to your home landscape but you should be You can grow this plant as an annual in the Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness zones plant 2 – 9 and as perennial in USDA Zone 9b and above.The plant grows rapidly, achieving height of six feet or more in just three months and reaches a maximum height of up to 12 m and is a very invasive plant in places where it is native of.Castor plant grows quickly and as it is native to tropics, it needs heat and warm temperature to grow, the optimal cultivation temperature is 77 – 86 F (25 – 30 ° C) with a good amount of light.It is also possible to grow castor oil plant in coastal areas.Growing castor beans plant is possible by seeds. themoonhowl Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a) Jul 20, 2011.

Place the plants into a large cooking pot and fill the pot with water. There are quite many uses of the castor plant.

You don't want to burn or compost them.

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