The cover must be placed on properly for the motor to move, so it took some playing around for me to figure out the correct position.Cleanup was extremely easy since the work bowl, cover, and blades (basically everything but the base) can be tossed in the dishwasher.The control panel is fairly simple with just two buttons that allow you to either turn on the food processor, or pulse/turn it off, but it does come with three blades that are intended for easier prepping.

The only downfall? There's a plastic dough blade. If you want to save space (and a bit of money), get this all in one pack.

Make sure to soak them and then rinse them before using (so you know they’re clean). This food processor is pretty foolproof.

It also helps stretch them out and reduces tearing. 15 to 25% is best.

The food processor works super quickly to incorporate the ingredients without warming them up.The cuts were mostly uniform, though the cilantro stems weren't as evenly incorporated, but it wasn't problematic. And even with the bowl attached, it's not so tall that it gets in the way of my overhanging cabinets.The base is very robust and sturdy. The Kitchenaid Food Processor and KitchenAid food processor attachment- does everything that a great food processor should do without any unnecessary extras that would boost its price. Great for basic, time-consuming kitchen tasks like chopping veggies, mincing garlic, shredding carrots, and dicing potatoes, a food processor makes quick work out of otherwise laborious meal prep. As for cleanup, it’s dishwasher-safe, but I don't have a dishwasher, so I just washed it by hand, which was also super easy to do.There are two settings: chop, which is great for a chunkier consistency, and grind, which is good for finer consistencies or puréeing. There weren't any huge differences in size that would be cause for concern.If you're looking for a cordless, powerful food chopper that won't take up a lot of room on your countertop, you've found it with the KitchenAid Cordless Food Chopper. The slicer and shredder make short work of cheese, carrots, and potatoes. A customer says, “…[T]The book is well-written, with recipes that are easy to follow (and tweak – I love tweaking). There's only one blade attachment, but it's sharp enough to take on all tasks.Honestly, it's great for anything that a newbie in the kitchen (such as myself) could think of: purées, hummus, chopping up veggies, you name it! It has I wouldn't say that this food processor is quiet enough to sleep through, but I did compare it to a still-working older model I had in the garage, and it is significantly quieter.This food processor holds a hefty 14 cups, which is great for mixing up bigger batches, but slightly less convenient for storing in limited cabinet space. Use it to grind meat, make salsa, shred cabbage for coleslaw, cut up veggies for a party platter, or make baby food. How to use your kitchenaid mixer attachments. It's bulky, and the base is extremely heavy. – Quick and easy chocolate chip recipe, with mixer speed instructions. You don’t need to rush out and buy more appliances. I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was. Use it to grind meat, make salsa, shred cabbage for coleslaw, cut up veggies for a party platter, or make baby food. Over the course of one full month, our team of five editors tested out five different food processor models using specific testing criteria and parameters to find out which food processors they'd actually recommend.In our testing pool, we gathered feedback from five editors with various cooking chops who were keen to test out a new food processor model.

The casings from butcher supply companies are meant for commercial operations — way too much for home use. I also loved the side scraper. There are only five pieces total, so it's not like you're dealing with a million mini pieces that all need to be washed.While there aren't specific settings for dicing, chopping, and pureeing, there are two speed settings and a pulse control. Plus, you know exactly what’s in it, and where it came from.

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