We really don’t want you to get hurt here, so we’ve added an extra safety step. We’ve got a few recommendations for you below. If you don't have enough extra cord to reach the pool deck, see our guide on "How To Temporarily Extend a Short Pool Light Cord to Replace Bulb".Note how the excess cord is stored so you can replace it the same way when re-installing the light. Getting electrocuted is not part of the process.Usually, there is only one screw holding the light fixture to the wall of your pool. Then, put your lens back in place covering the bulb.Basically, go ahead and put the whole fixture back together the way you found it. Once you begin, keep going! When installing the light it becomes water tight if the pool water level is below the bottom of the light. In either case, you can now proceed with pulling your light fixture out of the pool. But maybe you’re actually looking to upgrade your bulb or even add some party flair?If you want to upgrade, you do have some freedom when replacing your bulb. It needs to be super dry before you seal it back up. But first… let’s make sure there are no leaks in the housing.Take the fixture and submerge it under the water, checking for air bubbles. When you've tried all the maintenance steps and a new bulb still refuses to light or worse, keeps kicking the breaker, the fixture's 'shot' and it's time to replace it. If you are replacing several pool lights with Universal ColorLogic lights in your pool, it may be cheaper and easier to have an electrician install one standard pool light transformer, back by the circuit breaker box. I recently replaced my vinyl pool liner and installed this light at the same time replacing a 120 volt surface mounted light. Remove and Replace the Broken Pool Light Fixture . It is a good idea to put a piece of tape over the breaker to help keep someone from turning it back on. It’s important to follow the instructions closely. The one big risk is if the conduit has collapsed, then it will be impossible to replace. 2. Perhaps you’re looking to save on energy costs with a super-efficient LED bulb? It seals very tightly to my vinyl liner. Some pools have their very own breaker box in another location. The cord will uncoil as you do so. Now the new bulb is in and you’re almost ready to put the whole thing back together. In order to reach the light bulb, gently remove the face ring and pull apart the lens and the lens gasket. We don’t want to see any air escaping from the sealed light fixture at all.

If you leave the light on for more than 5 seconds, there’s a chance the bulb will burn out. What to Do When Your Swimming Pool Lights Don't WorkReplace Your Car’s Burnt-Out Bulbs in 4 Simple StepsServicing the Multiport Valve on a Swimming Pool FilterDirections for Priming Your Swimming Pool Water Filter PumpHow To Find And Repair A Leak In Your Swimming Pool9 Reasons Your High Beam Headlights Are Not WorkingBarriers? If the GFCI doesn't trip and the light is off, you probably have a burned-out bulb. At this point, your light may come back on. You may notice some corrosion here if your parts are pretty old. Before we talk about changing your pool light, you need to have all your ducks in a row. You don’t need to lower the water level to change a pool light. I purchased this not … It is easiest to locate by the test button that is part of it. Unscrew the cover and remove the bulb. Go ahead and switch on your pool’s circuit breaker to make sure the light comes on. Before you do anything, you’re going to need to feed the excess wiring back into the wall where you found it. Before you do anything, you’re going to need to feed the excess wiring back into the wall where you found it. Your first step in replacing the light bulb is to remove the pool light fixture from the niche in the pool wall. (Note how the excess cord is stored so you can replace it the same way when you’re reinstalling the light later on. Next, you’ll want to use a flathead screwdriver to pry the light fixture out of its niche box. Replace the bulb with the same wattage, either 300 or 500. GFCIs are also known to trip from extreme humidity. The majority of pool light fixtures have a surplus of wire to allow you to remove it from the pool and set it down on the deck. Either way, we got you covered. A light fixture incorporates the cord, socket, heat detector and stainless steel 'can' into a factory sealed unit. No half-finished projects here. You don’t want to accidentally break it before you even get to use it. That means finding your replacement bulb before you yank out the old one.Your first step is to determine the correct replacement pool light bulb and lens gasket for your pool light fixture. Great! Remove this screw. Be sure that the outlets that may be on the same GFCI circuit are covered to help prevent this. Just make sure to match size and specs and you’re good-to-go.Need some help choosing? Grab a damp rag to remove any old gasket residue from the surface of the lens.Steady now.

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